Justin Bieber Brings Back “One Less Lonely Girl” After Fan Outcry (VIDEO)

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One Less Lonely Girl Back Justin Bieber Concert Video

By Shari Weiss |

One Less Lonely Girl Back Justin Bieber Concert Video


Justin Bieber brought “One Less Lonely Girl” back to his concert setlist after a fan outcry when it was excluded from the opening night of his “Purpose World Tour.” Check out the video!

As Gossip Cop has reported, it became tradition over the years for an audience member at every Bieber show to be chosen as the night’s “one less lonely girl.” The lucky Belieber would be brought on stage and given flowers as Bieber serenaded her and offered affection. Fans were shocked when Wednesday’s tour kick-off in Seattle didn’t include the special moment.

In fact, Beliebers were so upset that “OLLG” trended on Twitter Thursday morning as they expressed disappointment that the tradition was seemingly over. But Bieber apparently got the message loud and clear. At Friday’s show in Vancouver, the second stop on the tour, Bieber added “One Less Lonely Girl” to the lineup.

Doing an acoustic version of the song, he sang to one delighted female fan as they sat together on a couch. Perhaps needless to say, but fans across the globe were thrilled. “OLLG IS BACK” even became a worldwide trending topic on Saturday morning.

@avonsboyjustin tweeted, “IM SO GLAD OLLG IS BACK BECAUSE I LOVE THAT TRADITION AND WAS SO SHOCKED AND DISAPPOINTED THAG HE DIDNT DO IT ON THE FIRST SHOW.” @richbizzle repeated over and over, “Ollg is back on the tracklist ollg is back on the tracklist ollg is back on the tracklist.” And @Norelybieber simply declared, “OLLG is back my life is complete.”

Bieber’s next concert is set for Portland on Sunday. Beliebers will certainly be expecting “One Less Lonely Girl” to be one of the night’s highlights again. Watch Friday’s moment go down below!


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