One Direction Fans Blast Tribute Band With Insults And Threats Of Violence

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One Direction Tribute Band One And Only Direction

By Michael Lewittes |

one direction tribute band one and only direction lookalikes


One and Only Direction (see photo right and below) have dubbed themselves the “most authentic One Direction lookalikes, soundalikes and impersonators on the market” after forming less than a year ago, but fans of the actual group are enraged by the cover band’s impersonations and performances at nightclubs, events and parties around the world.

One Direction followers have used social media to post everything from attacks on the faux five members’ physical appearance to threats of violence. “When you try to look like Harry Styles but end up like a horse #STOPyouarenot1D OMFG!!!! YES!!!” one person tweeted.

Someone else advised the group to give up, writing, “HOW TO LOOK LIKE ONE DIRECTION: 1.) YOU CANT 2.) YOU DONT 3.) YOU WONT 4.) STOP 5.) LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF #STOPyouarenot1D.” Another fan of One Direction added, “When you ask your mom for gucci and she bring home some $1 lookalike #STOPyouarenot1D.” Meanwhile, a third One Direction fan tweeted, “RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU WANT TO KILL THESE “NEW” 1D AFTER SEEING ALL THE PICTURES #STOPyouarenot1D.”

But not all One Direction fans are angered by One and Only Direction. “Some of the greatest bands in the world have tribute bands, it’s no surprise there is a One Direction tribute band, grow up,” noted a fan. Another One and Only Direction follower added, “I don’t care what people have to say 1@1Dtributeband are the nicest, funniest guys I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting.”

Only and Only Direction took to Twitter on Monday to respond to their supporters. “Thanks to every1 who has given us nice comments,” the group tweeted. “We appreciate the support. We are fans of 1D and their music and love performing on stage!” One Direction has yet to comment on their fans’ treatment of the tribute band. Check out One and Only Direction’s promotional video below, and tell us what you think of the One Direction impersonators.

One Direction Tribute Band One And Only Direction



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