One Direction Plays “Tattoo Roulette” On ‘Late Late Show’ (VIDEO)

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One Direction Tattoo Roulette Late Late Show

By Michael Lewittes |

One Direction Tattoo Roulette Late Late Show


One Direction played “Tattoo Roulette” on Thursday’s “Late Late Show With James Corden.” The premise was Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Corden each chose a box, four of which had the word “Safe” in it, and the fifth had the word “Tattoo” in it. The person with the word “Tattoo” in their box had to get inked on the show. The band also performed “History” on the “Late Late Show” and talked about their upcoming hiatus. Watch the videos below.

The interview began with Corden noting that Daniel Craig said Horan would “make a great James Bond.” Horan recalled how he told an interviewer (as a joke), “I’ll take [Craig’s] spot” if the actor decides to no longer make Bond films. That prompted Craig to later add that the One Direction singer would be “absolutely fabulous.” And with that, Corden decided to give Horan an audition for the 007 role. The talk show host played a German-accented villain, and hysterically used Tomlinson as his cat, which petted, as he told Horan, “I have been expecting you. Vhat is your name?” to which Horan responded, “The name’s Bond, James Bond.”

The guys then spoke about their upcoming hiatus. Tomlinson noted they would all spend time just relaxing, seeing their families and possibly even going on a “mass vacation together.” After that, Horan wowed the crowd with his spot-on impressions of a Spaniard and a typical guy from Brooklyn. Next, Corden asked Payne, Tomlinson and Styles about tattoos that they regretted, and they each noted they had a few “stupid” ones.

Horan, of course, has no tattoos, which is why he began to sweat when Corden said they would play a new game called “Tattoo Roulette” in which he and the other band members would each grab a red box, four of which had the word “Safe” and one of the boxes had the word “Tattoo.” If any of the guys from One Direction got the “Tattoo” box, they would have to get tattooed with the words “Late Late” during the show’s taping. And if Corden got it, he would have to ink the word “1D” on himself.

While Styles, Tomlinson and Payne remained calm for the most part, Horan and Corden were terrified they would chose the “Tattoo” box. “I don’t like this,” Horan said while holding his unopened red box. “I don’t like this either,” responded Corden.

After all five red boxes were picked, one at a time the boxes were opened. Payne went first and got the word “Safe.” After him was Tomlinson, who also opened his box to the word “Safe.” Third in line was a very frightened Corden, and next to him was Styles and then Horan. A nervous Corden opened his box and was “Safe.” At that point, Horan had a 50-50 chance of getting his first tattoo and was freaking out. Styles then opened his box, which revealed the word “Tattoo,” much to Horan’s relief.

And with that, Styles got the words “Late Late” inked on his left arm during the show. He later showed off his new tattoo before the band performed “History.” Check out the videos below of One Direction’s “Late Late Show” interview with James Corden, playing “Tattoo Roulette,” and performing on the show. Tell Gossip Cop what you think.


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