One Direction: We’re “Coming Back!”

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One Direction Sun interview

By Michael Lewittes |

One Direction Sun interview

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One Direction talks about coming back after taking a hiatus, Zayn Malik quitting the group, and how they each plan to spend their time off after releasing on Friday their fifth album, Made In The A.M., in a new interview. Whether it will ultimately be the case or not, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne don’t give any indication that the band is done. Mostly, they talk about how they just need time to relax and catch up in their lives, including watching TV shows and their own movies, during the hiatus.

In an exclusive with The Sun, Payne says very directly, “It’s not over. And yes, we’re taking a break, but we need one. We have done four tours, five albums, but we will be coming back. We don’t want this to end.” The interviewer even notes in the article that they “look extremely tired” and “like they need a break.”

The topic of conversation then turns to Malik leaving, and while it was initially tough on the remaining four singers, they feel it actually brought them closer together. “That was really, really hard,” says Tomlinson, adding, “We knew it was coming, we saw a lot of signs in a lot of the gigs abroad. It was sad.” Styles notes, however, “One thing that was good is that it made us really bond… It made us look at what we had and really know we wanted to keep it… Ultimately it just makes you closer.”

In addition to the incredible experiences they had playing huge and storied venues, like Wembley, they also express how grateful they are for meeting a number of music and sports legends and, of course, their fans. But of now, they just need a break. Tomlinson jokes, “I’m actually naturally very lazy, so I’m going to get a big fat belly… You’re going to see photos of me with a big belly.”

“For me, I just want to have a space where I can let everything sink in. I haven’t even seen all the films we made [This Is Us and Where We Are],” says Payne, who reveals, “I’m literally going to be sitting down watching the movies, watching the concerts, saying: ‘Hey, we did that.’ I know I also need to make up a lot of time with my mum. I’m not the best communicator, so I need to sort it out.”

Styles tells the interviewer, “I keep wondering whether I should actually watch those great shows that everyone else talks about and I’ve missed, like ‘Mad Men’ and ‘Breaking Bad.’ Or should I just move on?” He says he’ll also spend the traveling and “doing stuff. I don’t get easily bored.” As for a movie career, Styles replies, “I’m not so sure about that.”

Interestingly, Horan wants to go backpacking. “I’ve spent the past few years of my life in planes and on tour buses, and I’ve been through countries I’ve really loved but haven’t had a chance to really see,” noting he wants to “go back to Australia and definitely Thailand.” He explains, “With the band, we stayed in luxury hotels, but I want to see these countries like any lad of my age, just staying in hostels and that sort of thing. I don’t want to stay at a Four Seasons. I’ve done that, I want something else.”

Horan, the only member of One Direction who doesn’t have a tattoo, is finally going to get inked up. He says, “All of the lads have got this weird tattoo of a Phillips screwdriver on their ankle. I’d like to say it means something deep, but it’s just a tattoo everyone likes. I’m going to brand myself with that one, and it will remind me of the lads, so they’ll be with me wherever I go.”

And Tomlinson is expecting a baby with Briana Jungwirth, so he’ll be dividing his time between her home in the U.S. and his place in England where, it seems, he’ll be a judge on the U.K.’s “X Factor.” He says in The Sun, “I’ve got no plans to do any other telly than ‘X Factor,’” which he feels gave him “the most incredible life” because that’s where One Direction was created.

But while judging “X Factor,” Tomlinson won’t be looking to discover the next One Direction. “I’m not going to be looking for any competition. We’re coming back. No one is going to get in the way of 1D.”


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