One Direction Talks About Zayn Malik Quitting Band On Late Late Show (VIDEO)

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One Direction Late Late Show

By Michael Lewittes |

One Direction Late Late Show


One Direction made its first appearance on TV since Zayn Malik left the group on Thursday’s “Late Late Show With James Corden.” In their first interview as a band of four, the guys talked about life on the road, their fandom, and Malik’s departure, which Liam Payne admitted made him “angry.” They also did a bit in which they played on a dodgeball team called “Corden’s Angels” and lost to a women’s team. See the video below.

Corden noted right from the top of the interview that he’s known the band for a long time, and then showed an embarrassing picture of Payne, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson looking like little kids. He then went right into asking about Malik quitting the band. Tomlinson acknowledged there was a “bit of back of forth” on Twitter with Malik, but it’s “all resolved.”

When asked how he felt about it, Payne said he was “angry at first, then disappointed,” but now there are “no hard feelings.” And Horan noted, that as opposed to Malik who was unhappy, “the four of us love every bit of it,” and proudly announced that they’re finishing a new record and there will be “more tours.” Corden asked Styles whether they ever considered bringing on a new guy, the handsome singer said pointblank, “No.” And when the talk-show host kept alluding to how he could sing, Styles remained resolute about not having Corden become their fifth man. The guys were also very enthusiastic about their upcoming album. Payne said it’s “great stuff.”

Corden then touched on a few random things, including how Horan was Rory McIlroy’s caddy during The Masters and how, despite having the most luxurious hotel rooms on the road, Tomlinson prefers to sleep in the bus. He called it “my home,” and said it was more comfortable for him. The guys also talked about how they’ve broken into venues before they were supposed to perform, the weirdest things thrown onstage (a dildo and a hamburger), and how they once went sightseeing in Brazil in a van that delivers bread to hotels.

Corden also talked about One Direction’s fandom and showed how one fan made a sand sculpture of them, while another sculpted a minuscule replica of Styles out of the tip of a pencil. The talk-show host wanted Styles to show off a new tattoo he got on his thigh, but the shaggy-haired singer said he wasn’t wearing underpants.

The tattoo was actually briefly visible in a bit the band did earlier in the show in which they played dodgeball for the very first time. In the taped sketch, the talk-show host was the tough-talking coach of “Corden’s Angels,” who competed against (and lost to) an all-female team called “Ball Busters.” Check out the video below of James Corden interviewing One Direction on the “Late Late Show,” as well as them playing dodgeball, and tell us what you think.


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