One Direction “Carpool Karaoke” Video With James Corden On “Late Late Show”

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One Direction Carpool Karaoke Video

By Shari Weiss |

One Direction Carpool Karaoke Video


One Direction’s highly-anticipated “Carpool Karaoke” with James Corden finally aired on Tuesday’s “Late Late Show.” Watch below!

Directioners have been clamoring for months for the band to participate in Corden’s signature segment. The recurring bit features the late-night host driving around Los Angeles with a music act, singing songs and engaging in hijinks. The group filmed the sketch earlier this month, while they were in L.A. for their December 4 appearance on the show, which memorably included Harry Styles getting tattooed.

The segment began with Corden calling Niall Horan and begging him to carpool. But with Horan came Louis Tomlinson, Styles, and Liam Payne. As they all filled up the car, Corden kept insisting, “I really don’t need everyone.” But as Horan said, “The more, the merrier.”

Once all inside, Corden told the boys that it if they have to go to the bathroom, they’ll have to hold it in. Next, he and One Direction the boys sang “What Makes You Beautiful.” They then belted out, “Story Of My Life.” They also did “Best Song Ever,” with Corden hitting some high notes.

As Corden continued driving, he suggested they make a video for the fan-favorite song “No Control,” which was on One Direction’s last album, Four. The one hitch was Corden suggested they do some (ridiculous) choreography moves, while wearing matching denim shorts.. At another point, passengers in another car freak out when they pull up next to the group, and Styles amusingly yells out, “Drive safely!”

Corden then made Horan played a game called, “Sleep with, marry, cruise.” The singer chose sleeping with Fey, marrying Gomez, and enjoying a cruise with Lovato. They also discussed their hiatus, sang, “Perfect” and “Drag Me Down,” with a rap by Corden. And there was much, more more.

As Gossip Cop has reported, Justin Bieber’s first “Carpool Karaoke” from May stands as not just the most successful one of the bunch, but also Corden’s most-watched “Late Late Show” video on YouTube to date. With this new installment, though, that very well may change. Check out the video below of One Direction’s “Carpool Karaoke,” and tell Gossip Cop what you think. NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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