One Direction Goes On Special Missions In “Between Us” Fragrance Ad (VIDEO)

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One Direction Between Us fragrance commercial

By Minyvonne Burke |

One Direction Between Us fragrance commercial


One Direction released the commercial for their new fragrance, “Between Us,” on Wednesday. In the video, which is almost like watching a mini-movie, the singers each go on different missions to get all the ingredients they need to make their fragrance. Watch the commercial below.

Harry Styles, wearing heavy snow gear, walks into a room where a man and a woman are waiting, and reveals he climbed a mountain to bring them a red-and-yellow flower. He drops the flower into a tube, as Liam Payne walks into the room. Payne is seen in scuba gear and says he dove into the deepest part of the ocean to bring back a glowing rock. He drops the rock into the tube, and in walks Louis Tomlinson wearing an astronaut suit. He’s holding an apricot. The last member to walk into the room is Niall Horan, who does not have a costume, and is seen holding an onion. “You know we’re making a perfume now,” says Tomlinson, clearly confused as to why his bandmate would want to add an onion to their fragrance. Horan tells them to hold on, and breaks the onion open, causing a single tear from his eye to drop down into the tube with the other ingredients.

The commercial ends with all four boys agreeing that the “Between Us” fragrance smells amazing. Absent, of course, from the commercial, is Zayn Malik, who quit One Direction back in March. Watch One Direction’s commercial below for their “Between Us” fragrance, and tell us what you think. NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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