Omarosa “The View” Video: Watch Interview, Fight About Donald Trump

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Omarosa The View Video

By Shari Weiss |

Omarosa The View Video


Omarosa appeared on “The View” on Friday to discuss joining President Trump’s White House administration. The interview, however, ended up being a full-on argument with the co-hosts. Watch below.

Joy Behar kicked off the segment by saying Omarosa was first known as the “super villain” of “The Apprentice,” a description to which she objected. On “The View” for the first time in 13 years, the former reality star is now the Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison under Trump’s presidency. Omarosa said she was “honored to serve all the groups that want to engage with this administration,” and revealed she’s “planning a Black History month program, which is going to be extravagant.”

Though Hillary Clinton received more of the black vote than Trump, Omarosa touted the percentage the president did get. “He’s very, very excited about engaging with the African American community,” Omarosa said. When Sunny Hostin questioned whether Trump is just “using” her for optics, she shot back, “First of all, no one uses me.”

The interview became increasingly heated, with Omarosa repeatedly talking over Hostin and Behar. She answered few questions directly, and slammed Behar for her continued protests against Trump. “I know it’s got to be really hard for you, after the last year and half [and] all the things you said about him, to see him as the president,” she said, adding, “You have decided to continue to hit him and hit him and hit him.”

Behar said she’s still “waiting for him to apologize” for all the things he’s said about various groups, a comment that received applause from the studio audience. The tension was cut for a short time, at least on the broadcast, as the show went to commercial. After returning, Jedediah Bila asked about doubts Trump will actually help communities.

In response, Omarosa insisted that Trump gets “results,” and asserted, “This first week has probably been one of the most productive weeks of any administration.” Still, she said there’s going to be an “adjustment” period, but vowed, “This president is going to be incredible for this country.” Omarosa refused to discuss Trump’s voter fraud claims, saying she wanted to move on from the election, and, when asked by Sara Haines about the Women’s March, said she’s an “American first.”

Although she said she was “very proud” of the event, she also pointed out that the March For Life is going on today, and urged the talk show to cover it as much as they did the Women’s March. Omarosa went on to complain about the media’s “desire to paint Trump with this negative brush.” And when Hostin said it was Trump who brought out divisiveness, she shot back, “But don’t you think the media contributed to that?”

Hostin and Behar adamantly disagreed, and began hammering her with questions about things Trump has said and done. “Y’all can keep throwing things at me. I’m not going to fall for that,” Omarosa replied defiantly. And with only a minute left, she cut off the discussion to introduce her fiancé, who was sitting in the audience.

Behar wanted to keep the talk going, however, and asked about Trump’s taxes, prompting Omarosa to say back, “Girl, I’m talking about my man!” And after saying how happy she is in the relationship, she sniped, “I hope you one day you can find that kind of joy, Joy.” Check out the videos below.

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