Olivier Martinez Hits Man With Car Seat During Fight At LAX Airport

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Olivier Martinez LAX Airport-Fight

By Michael Lewittes |

Olivier Martinez LAX Airport-Fight

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Olivier Martinez is now a battery suspect after being involved in a fight at LAX on Sunday. The actor, his wife Halle Berry, son Maceo, and her daughter Nahla were in the airport, heading out of Los Angeles, when the scuffle broke out, airport police confirm to Gossip Cop.

Here’s what we know right now: At 1:45 p.m., Martinez, Berry, Maceo and Nahla were making their way through the airport when swarmed by paparazzi. According to the police, the family “required assistance from Los Angeles Airport Police after a crowd of photographers and a contract airport employee came too close to the family to take photos.” Martinez, holding an empty child’s car seat, then “shoved it against the contract airport employee causing him to fall backwards,” say the police, adding, “The employee received treatment on scene and was transported to a local hospital for further medical care.”

The person knocked to the ground later filed a battery report against Martinez, who continued on with his family’s travel. It’s believed the airport employee who got hit was allegedly taking photos of the celebrity couple as well, but that remains unconfirmed right now.

Berry and Martinez have had their problems in the past with the paparazzi. Berry famously cursed out photographers who harassed her and her daughter at the child’s school in 2012. And last year, the Oscar winning-actress went ballistic on paparazzi who swarmed the family as they were making their way out of LAX. As the family got into a waiting car, Berry had to hold back Martinez, who whirled around and wanted to go after the aggressive shutterbugs.

Photographers have been such a problem for Martinez and Berry that she wanted to move to France, where they have stricter anti-paparazzi laws. She’s even testified before California legislators, urging for laws to be enacted that would make it illegal for paparazzi to take pictures of children without the permission of a parent or guardian. Gossip Cop will update as more details emerge about the latest incident.


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