Olivia Wilde Talks ‘1984’ Broadway Adaptation On ‘Today Show’ (VIDEO)

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Olivia Wilde Today Show 1984

By Andrew Shuster |

Olivia Wilde Today Show 1984


Olivia Wilde appeared on Thursday’s “Today” show to promote her Broadway adaptation of the classic dystopian novel 1984. Watch the video below.

“Heavy times call for heavy stuff,” the actress said of her new play, which takes place in a totalitarian society with constant government surveillance. George Orwell’s iconic novel is typically taught in high school’s throughout the country, but Wilde joked, “It’s the number one book people lie about having read. Cliff Notes did very well with 1984.” As for the stage version, she noted, “It’s intense… It’s a different kind of experience. It’s not just watching a play. It’s kind of like going on a really scary ride.”

“Today” anchor Savannah Guthrie noted that four members of the audience have passed out while watching the show, which features flashing lights, strobe effects and smoke. And due to the physical nature of her performance, Wilde busted her lip during one show and accidentally broke her co-stars nose during another. “It was in retaliation because he broke my coccyx, which I didn’t even know I had,” she said. “It’s your tailbone. It’s from when we used to have a tail apparently.”

Wilde added, “Broadway was always something I wanted to do. I never really thought I could call myself an actor until I did it.” The actress’s husband, Jason Sudeikis, recently starred in a stage version of Dead Poet’s Society, so he gave her advice about working on Broadway. “He told me to be patent with the process,” she explained, further adding that the cast and crew is “still figuring it out” as the show plays in previews.

Wilde went on to talk about being a mom to two young kids, revealing that her 3-year-old son isn’t crazy about his recently born sister. “He absolutely wants her out,” the actress said. “I think he secretly loves her, but he’s making her very tough by giving her a hard time at the moment.” Watch the full interview below!

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