Old People React To Naked Kim Kardashian — WATCH VIDEO!

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Old People React Kim Kardashian

By Daniel Gates |

Old People React Kim Kardashian


Old people react to Kim Kardashian (and her nudity) in a hilarious new video. The Fine Brothers are famous for gathering kids and elders and getting their responses to various pop cultural phenomena. Their first YouTube video of 2015 tackles Kardashian and her infamous naked Paper magazine photo shoot.

Before they even see the controversial images, the old people give some enlightening answers to questions about who Kardashian even is. “She’s famous for being famous,” says one man. One woman declares, “She’s not a celebrity! I refuse to give her that!” A third person states, “She’s an opportunity hog!” The elders try to piece together exactly why Kardashian is well known in the first place (“her reality show,” “her tush”), expressing confusion over why someone having a wedding and a baby is noteworthy.

When the initial Paper pics are shown, the responses are great. “You could serve a drink on her butt!” says one woman. Another older lady remarks, “She’s got very good… gear.” One appreciative gentleman says, “I’ve heard rumors about those kinds of butts, but I’ve never seen one.” Then the naked pics come out. “Someone had fun greasing her,” says one woman. “I think that’s doctored,” a guy observes of Kardashian’s rear end. “If I ever see her in person, I’ll have to look closely.” A curious man wonders if “she got implants in her ass.” Another announces that he’s in love. Check out the video below, and tell us what you think!


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