OK! Uses Untrue Khloe Kardashian Story To Sell Magazine Subscriptions

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OK Magazine subscription

By Michael Lewittes |

OK Magazine subscription


OK! hilariously is trying to get more readers by offering in this week’s issue a subscription card that features a completely untrue cover story about Khloe Kardashian being “pregnant.” See the photo below.

After Gossip Cop busted the magazine this week for its inaccurate cover story that claimed Jennifer Garner is pregnant with Ben Affleck’s baby, we flipped through a few more pages of the tabloid and found a subscription card for OK!, which offered 52 issues a year of the magazine for just 67 cents an issue. That’s actually not a bad deal, unless you care about accuracy.

One would think the tabloid would feature an exclusive report or at minimum a true one on its subscription cards to lure new readers, but instead the tabloid showcased the fully made up July 22 cover story that exclaimed, “Khloe Pregnant! But Who’s The Daddy?”

The better question would be, why on Earth would a magazine think it could get more subscribers by promising fabricated cover stories? As Gossip Cop reported at the time, Kardashian is not pregnant, and she certainly did not sleep, as the magazine stated, with Lamar Odom, from whom she filed divorce just days because the erroneous cover story came out.

If trying to sell subscriptions with a provably untrue cover story about Kardashian being pregnant is what OK! felt was its finest example of reporting, Gossip Cop would hate to know what other stories the sales people at the magazine rejected beforehand. Check out the tabloid’s subscription card below, and have a good laugh.

OK magazine subscription


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