OK! Caught Lying With Pippa Middleton Engagement

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Pippa Middleton engaged OK Magazine

By Shari Weiss |

Pippa Middleton engaged OK Magazine

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Pippa Middleton is engaged, and OK! has again been caught lying. Allow Gossip Cop to explain what’s going on.

On Tuesday, Middleton confirmed her engagement to James Matthews. The couple originally dated in 2012 before reuniting last year. They are now planning to wed in 2017.

The joyous news confirms what Gossip Cop has accurately said for years: Middleton has not been in a secret relationship with Prince Harry, as wrongly claimed by certain tabloids. Gossip Cop last busted OK! on this subject in April, when the outlet falsely alleged the two were having “secret dates.”

So, is OK! now acknowledging its “reporting” was incorrect? Of course not. In its news story about Middleton’s engagement, the magazine actually regurgitates its debunked claims, and tries to perpetuate the lies. “Sorry, Prince Harry! Pippa Middleton Is Now Engaged To James Matthews After Longtime Secret Fling,” reads the headline on the OK! website.

Well, the tabloid should be sorry… for continuing to peddle this charade. “Despite their ongoing secret romance, Prince Harry has missed out on Pippa Middleton who is now engaged to her boyfriend of over a year,” says the article. In actuality, Prince Harry hasn’t “missed out” on anything.

And by even saying that Middleton is “now engaged to her boyfriend of over a year,” the outlet is actually exposing that its months-old “secret dates” claim about Prince Harry was untrue. But if you read Gossip Cop, you already knew that.

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Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton are secretly dating.


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