OK! Cover Busted For Four Wrong Stories

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OK Cover Wrong Stories

By Shari Weiss |

OK Cover Wrong Stories


Gossip Cop would like to congratulate OK! on a rather remarkable feat: All the stories on the cover of the tabloid’s new issue are wrong.

As Gossip Cop reported, the latest edition of the magazine hit newsstands on Wednesday with the cover blaring, “Desperate Angie: I Want Brad Back!” We immediately pointed out that the cover was nearly identical to one published by OK! sister outlet Star back in December. Both false tales wrongly claimed Jolie wants to get back together with Pitt. We busted the original claim more than two months ago, and now OK! shamefully regurgitated it anew, even though the allegation was still untrue.

On the upper right of the cover of this issue, it’s teased, “Kourtney Wants Bieber’s Baby!” The article inside the magazine alleged not only are the two hooking up again, but Kardashian is eyeing Bieber to be the father of her next child. Gossip Cop actually debunked a pregnancy cover story about Kardashian and Bieber almost exactly a year ago. We now confirmed that the idea of the pair having a kid together is just as “laughable” now as it was then.

The second cover chip announced, “Tim & Faith Divorce Shocker!” But the actual piece didn’t contain any “divorce shocker” at all. Rather, it speculated whether McGraw and Hill’s joint tour could lead to a divorce. Of course, OK! failed to mention that the tabloid and its sister publications have been spreading erroneous claims of marital problems for years. There was no acknowledgment, either, of this being the longtime couple’s third time hitting the road together. The pros have successfully toured together in the past, with their relationship remaining in tact. There was no legitimate reason to suggest this time will be any different.

The final cover chip, and fourth story featured on the front of the magazine, tried to bait readers with this: “Kanye Drug Crisis: Headed For Rehab?” Like the McGraw-Hill one, this was a bit of a bait-and-switch, too. The article about West didn’t say anything about the rapper seeking treatment. Instead, it claimed he was “heavily medicated” at his recent New York Fashion Week Show. The superstar’s own rep, however, told Gossip Cop the allegations about his health were “patently false.”

OK! publishes untruths, manipulations, and sensational drivel each and every week. But it is always astounding when an entire cover is filled with lies. Remember that the next time you’re in the grocery store checkout line.

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