O.J. Simpson is not getting plastic surgery in the wake of his prison release, nor has he vowed to never be seen again. These are just some of the inane claims that have emerged since he was paroled on Sunday. Gossip Cop can bust the absurd allegations.

"O.J. Simpson In Hiding: GETTING PLASTIC SURGERY," reads the baseless headline of a purported "exclusive" from Naughty Gossip. The dubious "blog" quotes suspicious "sources" as saying, "Simpson was freed early Sunday and was picked up by a friend. But now he is in hiding. He is planning on getting a lot of plastic surgery and he will never be seen again. He just wants to be invisible. He is sick of being OJ. He wants to go away and never be bothered every again [sic]."

Tellingly, the webloid doesn't say what kind of plastic surgery Simpson supposedly plans to get. It's also not mentioned if the alleged cosmetic procedures are to disguise his appearance or for simple vanity reasons. Also not addressed is the simple impracticality of Simpson "never" being seen again. He may certainly choose to lead a quieter life and have a lower profile than he did before his imprisonment, but the odds of him outright disappearing are slim to none.

In fact, while we're told Simpson's plans are understandably being kept private for now, Gossip Cop has learned this story is "bull, top to bottom." And while maintaining good health is a priority for the former NFL player, plastic surgery is not on the immediate agenda. In addition, Simpson is expected to limit his public exposure right now, but there's no intention to go into "hiding" forever.

As Gossip Cop reported, the controversial figure was granted parole in July. Since the hearing, we've busted a number of ridiculous stories, including ones from RadarOnline and the National Enquirer, which are often associated with Naughty Gossip. Among the most egregious was a tabloid cover story that outrageously claimed Simpson was threatening to "cut up" Kris Jenner upon his release.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is accurate to the best of our ability.


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