O.J. Simpson Parole Debated On “The View” – WATCH VIDEO

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The View OJ Simpson Parole

By Shari Weiss |

The View OJ Simpson Parole


Just hours before O.J. Simpson’s parole hearing on Thursday, “The View” co-hosts debated whether the imprisoned former NFL player should be freed. Watch the video below.

Simpson is up for parole after serving nine years for robbery and kidnapping. But for many, the case is emotionally intertwined with the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, for which he was acquitted. As a result, Whoopi Goldberg noted on the ABC talk show, “People are still very, very mixed how they feel about this.”

Joy Behar tried to be light-hearted by cracking that, if released, “He can now find the real killers! Finally!” The panelists then went on to have a very serious discussion. Sunny Hostin, a former federal prosecutor, expressed, “I’m conflicted, because he’s been spending time on a robbery charge and not the murder charges, and people seem to want him to stay there on the murder charges, which is not what he’s there for.”

She also said it was “kind of interesting” that Goldman’s family thinks the parole board should take their successful civil lawsuit against Simpson into consideration, since that did find him legally responsible for the deaths of two people. Noted Jedediah Bila, “They want him to pay for that crime. People also feel that he didn’t show any remorse.” She added, “I think people view him as someone who didn’t quite learn the lesson. He may be getting out, but there’s no sense of visible character change that they can see.”

“But he’s not admitting to the crime, so how can he show remorse?” asked Behar. Still, Sara Haines said, “I know legally he’s in for a certain charge. But as a human, when I watch this, I’m like, ‘He should not see the light of day again.’ I get that this doesn’t make sense. It’s all my heart involved.” Hostin understood those feelings, but pointed out it “would be just” for Simpson to be released simply because he’s met the requirements of the charges for which he’s serving time.

Regardless, Whoopi Goldberg said, “He will always be on trial. He will be on trial for the rest of his life.” She further commented, “People don’t always get what they want in a court of law. But he was tried and he was acquitted. So you have to figure out where you stand on it… He has done the time that was allotted for what he was charged for.”

Hostin declared, “It’s the best system in the world but it’s imperfect,” to which Goldberg added, “Like us all.” As Gossip Cop reported, the co-hosts previously discussed Simpson when Caitlyn Jenner was on “The View” last week. And on Wednesday, Gossip Cop busted a ridiculous story that falsely claimed Simpson jeopardized his parole by masturbating in prison. Check out the new “View” video below, and click for a live stream of Simpson’s parole hearing.

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