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O.J. Simpson is not threatening to "cut up" Kris Jenner, nor is he "hell-bent on revenge," despite an alarming but false tabloid cover story claiming he's "gunning" for his former friend. Gossip Cop can bust these eyebrow-raising claims.

The new cover of the National Enquirer announces, "O.J.'s Chilling Threat As He's Set Free... You're Next Kris!" There's an equally disturbing headline inside the edition, which declares, "Bloodthirsty O.J. Vows To Cut Up Kris! Trash-Talking Ex-Mistress Next On Hit List." And therein lies the first indicator this article is wildly inaccurate: Jenner was never Simpson's "mistress." But according to the tabloid, the former NFL star "blames [his] former flame Kris Kardashian for his fall from grace, and plans to make her pay." That sentence holds the second red flag: Jenner is not "Kris Kardashian." She is both legally and professionally known as Kris Jenner.

Despite failing to rightly name Jenner and correctly describe her connection to the imprisoned athlete, the gossip magazine asserts she "knows Simpson has put a bulls-eye on her back, and she's shelled out a fortune to protect herself after he goes free." A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "Kris and O.J. have moved in the same circles for a long time, and she's heard through back channels he's gunning for her... His rage has been simmering, and he's ready to blow!"

Another purported "source" further claims to the outlet, "O.J. blames Kris for everything... It's all her fault. And we all know what O.J.'s capable of, especially Kris!" But the named sources in this story, such Jeffrey Felix and Norman Pardo, currently have nothing to do with Simpson. Pardo is a former manager, and Felix briefly crossed paths with Simpson when he worked as a prison guard. Following last month's parole hearing, Simpson's attorney actually blasted Felix for selling lies to the media and falsely claiming to have inside knowledge about the one-time football hero.

Another person cited is Vernon Nelson, a former fellow prison inmate, who has spent nearly year spreading nonsense to webloids like RadarOnline, a sister outlet to the National Enquirer. Others cited in the article are also out of the loop, and merely offer speculation. For instance, former sports agent Mike Gilbert claims, "In O.J.'s mind, he's thinking about Kris, 'Bitch, you're rich because of me. If it weren't for your ex-husband bringing me suits every day, nobody would give a f*ck about 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians.'" Gilbert adds, "O.J. believes [Robert] Kardashian sold him out. He still holds a grudge against him, and that would extend to Kris and her kids." All of that, however, is unsubstantiated conjecture.

As for the "You're Next" cover line, there's of course no evidence that Simpson actually said that. Rather, a purported "prison source" claims to the publication, "Once he's out of prison, O.J. insists he's going to track Kris down, stare her right in the eye, and say, 'You're next!' And he means it!" What this story fails to mention, though, is that if Simpson actually did such a thing, he'd be sent right back to prison for making criminal threats. The National Enquirer wants readers to believe that as soon as Simpson is released, he immediately plans to violate the conditions of his parole, after which he'd promptly be locked back up. To call that unlikely would be a massive understatement.

Gossip Cop is by no means vouching for Simpson or saying that he will lead a problem-free life following his release. Even parking tickets and traffic violations could get him back behind bars. But the notion that he plans to go after Jenner is patently ridiculous. It's also absurd that these contentions are all based on the tabloid's questionable sources, who have, at times, spread misinformation about Simpson to gossip outlets. Not to mention, this is all coming from the same magazine that in March actually claimed Jenner wanted Simpson to join "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," and then said Jenner was pitching a new reality show for Simpson.

Both tales implied he was on board. Now months later, Simpson hates Jenner's guts and she's terrified he's coming after her to enact revenge? Please. The tabloid is neither consistent nor reliable. In fact, while this new cover teases "Kardashians on red alert," its really readers who should be on high alert virtually any time the publication runs a story about them. Gossip Cop investigated the assertions here with several of our own contacts, and no one could confirm there was any real merit to this outrageous cover story. We've also reached out to Simpson's attorney for comment.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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