O.J. Simpson Begging Khloe Kardashian To Let Him See “Granddaughter”?

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OJ Simpson Khloe Kardashian True

By Andrew Shuster |

OJ Simpson Khloe Kardashian True

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O.J. Simpson is not begging Khloe Kardashian to let him see his so-called “granddaughter,” her 3-month-old baby True, despite an absurd tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this story. Simpson’s lawyer dismisses it as nonsense.

According to Star, the former football player is convinced that Kardashian is his biological daughter, and now that she has a daughter of her own, he’s desperate to meet the little girl. An alleged insider tells the magazine, “O.J. believes now more than ever that Khloe is his daughter because True looks so much like his son Justin did when he was a baby.”

The supposed source continues, “Now that he’s out of prison, he wants his family around, but he really doesn’t have much family left. If True is his grandchild, then he absolutely wants to be a part of her life.” The outlet’s questionable tipster further contends that Kardashian has ignored all of Simpson’s alleged pleas, adding, “There’s no way she’s going to introduce her daughter to a murder suspect.”

Nothing about this far-fetched story is remotely accurate. Gossip Cop checked in with Simpson’s attorney, who tells us on the record, “Mr. Simpson has said all along that he has absolutely nothing to do with paternity regarding any Kardashian kid (as has Kris Jenner), but he certainly wishes all of them well. His only desire would be that his good friend Robert Kardashian was still living to enjoy his kids and grandkids.”

Meanwhile, Simpson himself told TMZ earlier this year that he’s not Kardashian’s father. When asked by a photographer if “congratulations are in order” in regards to the reality star’s pregnancy, the ex-NFL player said, “For [Robert Kardashian], God bless his soul, yeah… I don’t think for me, I have nothing to do with it.”

Unfortunately, Star has been pushing this bogus narrative for quite some time. Gossip Cop busted the tabloid last year for falsely claiming that Simpson called Kardashian to address the rumors he’s her real father. A few months before that, the magazine falsely claimed that Kardashian and Simpson were taking DNA tests to determine whether or not he’s her biological dad.

Conclusion: The tabloid wants readers to believe that Simpson thinks True is his granddaughter, but the former football player has made it clear he’s not Kardashian’s real father. Simpson’s attorney reiterates that fact to Gossip Cop. The unreliable outlet is just recycling this insane storyline now that the reality star has a baby.


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Malcolm LaVergne, Attorney for O.J. Simpson