O.J. Simpson Wants To Star In ‘Chicago’ On Broadway?

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OJ Simpson Chicago Broadway

By Michael Lewittes |

OJ Simpson Chicago Broadway

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Does O.J. Simpson really want to star in the Broadway musical “Chicago”? That’s the claim in one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop investigated the story, and we can exclusively correct this fake news. We’re told it’s “absurd.”

According to the National Enquirer, Simpson wants to make a “comeback” and has “his eye on the Broadway musical ‘Chicago,'” which the supermarket tabloid describes briefly as a play about “a killer who gets away with murder.” A seemingly fabricated “insider” is quoted by the often discredited magazine as saying, “O.J. has been hanging out in Vegas, but he misses the fame, and nothing offers a celebrity more immediate gratification than being onstage.” “O.J. saw the movie version of ‘Chicago,’ and thinks he would be great playing the dancing lawyer who gets his client off after she commits murder,” adds the almost assuredly nonexistent “insider.”

To illustrate its fictitious story, the tabloid superimposed a photo of a smiling Simpson in front of the Broadway marquee of “Chicago.” Incredibly, that’s not the end of the ridiculousness. Next to the photo of Simpson, the magazine inserted a quote bubble near the disgraced former NFL player that horrifically reads, “I know I’d kill it on Broadway!” Much like the manipulated photo (below), the article is also completely concocted.

There is truly so much wrong with the publication’s article that Gossip Cop barely knows where to start. Let’s begin, though, with the quote bubble. Does the magazine actually think it’s funny writing, “I know I’d kill it on Broadway” when Simpson was found liable for murdering Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman?

Next, let’s tackle those supposed quotations from its “insider.” Who exactly did Simpson tell that he wants to perform on Broadway because there’s no “more immediate gratification than being onstage”? Naturally, the serial fibbers at the tabloid neglect to mention that.

Glaringly, whoever made-up this total lie also seems to know nothing at all about Simpson, as evidenced by the phony quote about how he “thinks he would be great playing the dancing lawyer.” As widely reported for more than 40 years, Simpson suffers from knee problems and arthritis. In fact, when Simpson retired in 1979, he discussed with the New York Times how his injured knees led to him leaving the NFL.

His health issues were also mentioned in a Los Angeles Times piece about Simpson’s life behind bars in 2016. It’s noted, “Like many older inmates, he contends with age and ailments, including bad knees.” Actually, Simpson has had several knee surgeries over the years and continues to deal with a variety of physical problems, and yet the supermarket tabloid claims he now wants to dance on Broadway?

The Enquirer has a track record for making up fake news about Simpson. Among the lies Gossip Cop has nailed the magazine for include a report about the former Heisman Trophy winner was joining the cast of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” Another giant whopper published by the outlet claimed Simpson was going to be on “Dancing With The Stars.” Still, Gossip Cop fact-checks every story and a spokesperson for “Chicago” exclusively assures us on the record that the latest article is nothing short of “absurd.”

OJ Simpson Chicago

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