Knife Found Buried Near O.J. Simpson’s Former Home

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OJ Simpson Knife Found

By Andrew Shuster |

OJ Simpson Knife Found

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The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed on Friday that a knife was found buried on the property of O.J. Simpson’s former Brentwood home. The weapon was reportedly discovered by a construction worker years ago and handed over to a police officer, who kept it for himself. See video from the LAPD’s press conference below.

The timeframe surrounding the incident isn’t entirely clear, but it’s being reported that around 1998 or so, a worker found a folding buck knife on Simpson’s property while the house was being demolished. The man then gave the weapon to an off-duty cop who was working security for a film shoot at a house across the street.

The now-retired officer supposedly contacted a friend at the LAPD’s Robbery Homicide Division in late January, and revealed he was in possession of the knife. His plan, however, wasn’t to finally turn the knife over to the authorities. Instead, the former cop requested the departmental record number of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman’s murder case, because he planned on displaying the knife in a frame on which he wanted to engrave the number.

But instead of helping his friend, the staffer in the Homicide Division informed his superiors of the situation, and the retired officer was forced to surrender the weapon. The knife is currently being tested for DNA evidence, but even if Simpson’s DNA is found on the knife, the exonerated former football player cannot legally be tried again for murder. Simpson is currently serving a 33-year prison sentence after being arrested and charged with kidnapping and armed robbery in 2007.

On Friday morning, LAPD spokesman Capt. Andrew Neiman gave a press conference in which he discussed the existence and circumstances behind the discovery of the knife. The department’s spokesman, however, made clear that the authenticity of the knife and its alleged connection to Simpson have not been verified. See the video below of Capt. Neiman’s press conference.


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