Octavia Spencer ‘SNL’ Monologue – WATCH VIDEO

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Octavia Spencer SNL monologue

By Michael Lewittes |

Octavia Spencer SNL monologue


Octavia Spencer opened her “SNL” monologue by talking about the Oscars and some of her roles. She then talked about how she played a nurse 16 times and then played a maid and won an Oscar for it. She also mocked how people get the name of her film Hidden Figures mixed up with other predominantly black films. See the video below of Spencer’s “Saturday Night Live” monologue.

This marks the first time Spencer has hosted “Saturday Night Live.” In advance of her appearance, she told Jimmy Fallon on Thursday’s “Tonight Show” that she was both “excited” and “nervous” about being on “SNL.” The actress, who was recently up for an Academy Award, admitted, “I have severe stage fright.” Still, Spencer noted that the week of rehearsals was “so much fun, and [the sketch comedy program’s] a well-oiled machine.” “I’m having the time of my life,” she added.

Spencer was on “The Tonight Show” and is on “SNL” in support of her new film The Shack. As Gossip Cop reported earlier on Saturday, The Shack opened this weekend with ticket sales of more than $15 million, which was enough to secure the movie in the third position of the box office’s Top 10. In the film, Spencer plays God, and she summons a man who has lost his faith to a shack in the Oregon wilderness where his young daughter was abducted and presumably murdered.

Check out the video below of Octavia Spencer’s “SNL” monologue.

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