Obamas NOT Splitting After Leaving White House, Despite Report

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Obamas Split Divorce

By Shari Weiss |

Obamas Split Divorce

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The Obamas are NOT splitting after President Obama leaves office, despite a completely false tabloid report. Gossip Cop can bust the fabricated story.

The allegation can be found in Wednesday’s new edition of the National Enquirer, where a headline reads, “Obamas To Split After White House Exit!” It’s said, “Stress of presidency, jealousy and loss to Republicans prove too much!” And the article specifically alleges, “Divorce lawyers for Barack and Michelle Obama are feverishly hammering out a deal so the presidential pair can end their 24-year union as soon as they leave the White House!”

A so-called “spy” is quoted as saying, “It’s over! Michelle told Barack she wanted out, but he was as angry as she was, and blamed Michelle for not doing enough to help Hillary Clinton get elected. Everything from the past eight years came out! Michelle accused Barack of having a ‘roving eye,’ and confronted him with the rumor that he’s been keeping a ‘love nest’ at a nearby Washington hotel.”

“Then he fired back with his own suspicions,” continues the supposed snitch. “Finally, Barack stormed out, screaming, ‘You can have your damn divorce! I don’t know what I was thinking when I married you! Goodbye!’ Michelle screamed back, ‘You’re a loser and an idiot! I wish I’d never met you — and I’m keeping the girls!”

The story goes on to assert that the First Couple have “hired nationally known ‘white shoe’ law firms to fight over child support, custody, and their $25 million fortune!” Naturally, the supermarket tabloid also claims Donald Trump’s presidential victory contributed to the implosion of the Obamas’ marriage. Adds the alleged source, “They’ll never recover from that post-election-night fight when the gloves finally came off!”

Wow… as in wow, this is really made up. The National Enquirer has crafted dialogue that seems drawn from a daytime soap opera, not reality. And this purported tipster, who drones on about what a “loser” President Obama is, alternately calls him “Barack” and “Barry,” which is another red flag. Also, let’s not forget who else is fond of saying “loser.”

Still, Gossip Cop always investigates, and we’re were told that this tale is as accurate as the others the National Enquirer has run about the Obamas in recent months. Which is to say, not accurate at all. Back in May, there was a story claiming the President was in a “rage” after the First Lady was supposedly “flirting” with Morgan Freeman, and then in August came a piece about Michelle being issued a “diet or divorce” ultimatum.

Like both of those, this new split article is fake news that belongs in the trash heap. The Obamas are not negotiating a post-White House divorce. Period.

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