North West “Begging” Kim Kardashian For “Little Sister” Is Made-Up Story

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North West Sister

By Shari Weiss |

North West Sister

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A report claiming North West is “begging” Kim Kardashian for a “little sister” is a made-up story. Gossip Cop can expose this article as a fabrication.

Amid rumors Kardashian has hired a surrogate who is now several months pregnant, the reality star’s camp is declining to address the speculation. And aside from exploring surrogacy as an option on the last season of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Kardashian herself has not commented on whether she is, in fact, on the road to expanding her family. But HollywoodLife wants readers to believe that it has “exclusive” insight on how her 4-year-old daughter feels about the situation. Seriously.

“North West Begging Mommy Kim Kardashian For A Little Sister — Excited About Growing Family,” reads the headline of the story, in which the webloid claims to have “EXCLUSIVE details on how the little one wants a baby sister of her very own.” A so-called “Calabasas” insider is quoted as saying, “North loves being a big sister to Saint and can’t wait for another sibling. North has been begging her mom for another sister since before Saint was born and is hoping that the surrogate provides just that, a baby sister.”

This is not the first time HollywoodLies has referred to a “Calabasas insider,” but every occurrence makes Gossip Cop laugh. What, the “insider” is someone who just happens to live in the same city and knows the private feelings of little North West? Please. It’s also odd that this supposed source claims North has been “begging her mom for another sister.” The young girl doesn’t have any sisters yet, so it makes no sense for her to be begging for “another” one.

Nevertheless, the site’s alleged tipster goes on to claim, “Kim has been extra careful explaining to young North the miracle of birth and their special plans to grow their family. Kim and Kanye even gave a special name to the surrogate mommy calling her their ‘Angel Carrier,’ which makes things easier for North to understand. It is all [a] new experience for super excited North who can’t wait to meet the new addition to the West family.”

“Fingers crossed for Northie that the baby is the little sis she’s hoping for,” the outlet goes on to write, before asking readers, “Do you think Kim and Kanye’s next child will be a little girl?” Gossip Cop wasn’t aware HollywoodLies’ readers were psychics who could predict the future. It’s also notable that the specious publication claimed in a June “exclusive” that Kardashian’s surrogate was expecting twins, whereas this story is very clear about just one baby.

But whether looking at this piece generally or specifically, there’s reason to be suspicious. As noted above, Kardashian has not commented on whether she is employing a surrogate who is now pregnant with her baby or babies, and those in her circle are not engaging on this subject. Everything is being kept understandably private, yet HollywoodLies, of all places, is trying to make it seem like it has an “insider” who is not only dishing on the topic, but revealing the opinion of Kardashian’s 4-year-old. Yeah, that’s not eyebrow-raising at all.

How real, authentic and legitimate can this “source” be given not only these red flags, but also the fact that HollywooodLies has been caught fabricating dozens of stories about Kardashian over the years? The answer is not real, authentic or legitimate at all. North may indeed want a sister, but no one reliable is telling this publication that. Gossip Cop has even been told the webloid often doesn’t bother to fact-check these “exclusives” with the reality star’s team. It seems the site rather score traffic by peddling dubious reports about hot topics, regardless of accuracy. That’s precisely how the outlet has earned its dishonorable nickname.

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