Kim Kardashian Defends North West’s Fashion Choices

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North West Fashion

By Shari Weiss |

North West Fashion

(Kim Kardashian/Instagram)

Kim Kardashian is defending North West’s fashion choices. On Sunday, the star clapped back at a hater who criticized her and her 3-year-old daughter.

On Saturday, Kardashian was asked by a fan, “Does North pick her own looks or have favorite outfits to pick from?” The mom of two replied, “We make all of her clothes so she picks the fabrics at fabric stores!” The response, however, rubbed one judgmental person the wrong way.

A Twitter user with the name @emseffect screengrabbed the exchange, and wrote to Kardashian, “These are the kind of things why people hate you @KimKardashian.” On Sunday morning, the reality star replied. And she didn’t hold back.

“Bc she has a passion 4 fashion &we’ve given her the tools 2 explore that? Spending time w dad @work isn’t bad either,” wrote Kardashian. She went on in a second tweet, “And maybe spend less time hating others and loving yourself. Life is good. Be happy & blessed, in all sincerity.”

The critic has not yet acknowledged Kardashian’s tweets, but plenty of fans have also commented on the situation. “So confused why *that* would make people hate her? They’re doing something really cool for North,” wrote @scarlipop. @TraceyTatara said, “She is simply letting North explore her creative side…why would any parent hold their children back from that?” And @privshow even wrote, “Kim ended you sweetie I would delete my account if I were you.”

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