Kim Kardashian “Won’t Let” North West Dress Like “Normal” Kid?

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North West Normal Clothes

By Shari Weiss |

North West Normal Clothes

(North West/Instagram)

Kim Kardashian “won’t let” North West “dress like a normal kid,” according to a new report. But Gossip Cop has confirmed this story was simply made up.

On its website on Monday, OK! is announcing, “North West Wants To Dress Like A Normal Kid But Corset Queen Kim Kardashian Won’t Let Her!” According to the tabloid, “Fans around the internet cringed when they saw 4-year-old North West dressed up in a mock corset dress, and as it turns out, they were not alone! Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been fighting nonstop over the little girl’s wardrobe.”

“You’d think it’d be schooling or something like that, but no; Kim and Kanye can’t agree on what to spend North’s $250k wardrobe budget on,” a so-called “source” claims to the outlet, which alleges that “Kim may live and breathe fashion, but her little girl just isn’t that into it yet.” Its supposed snitch asserts, “North’s starting to get bored of her mom’s world — hours and hours getting dressed. She hates wearing things she isn’t comfortable in and can’t play or get dirty in — and that’s ALL Kim wants to buy for her.”

The gossip magazine goes on to allege, “Even her fashion designer father is fed up with the insane getups,” with its purported tipster contending, “Kanye’s much more practical and wants to see her climbing [a] tree without worrying about getting her fur gilet caught on a branch. He’s insisting a significant part of the budget be spent on normal kiddie clothes, but Kim refuses, telling him North isn’t Shiloh Pitt!”

To be clear, OK! wants readers to believe it has a “source” that knows what a 4-year-old child thinks about her clothing. And, for some unknown reason, that “source” thinks it takes “hours and hours” for North to get dressed, which is absurdly false. It’s also false that West and Kardashian are on different pages when it comes to their little girl’s style. In actuality, they so agree on her wardrobe that they’ve used it as inspiration for their children’s clothing line, Kids Supply.

Furthermore, Gossip Cop is told the purported $250,000 figure for North’s budget is way off base, as is the contentions that she’s disinteresting in fashion. Kardashian herself has even said that not only does North typically pick out what she wants to wear each day, but many of her outfits are created from fabric she’s chosen herself on visits to arts and crafts stores. The claims in this story are completely antithetical to statements on the record. And the comment about West wanting to see North climbing a tree “without worrying about her fur gilet getting caught on a branch” is also ridiculous. The young girl obviously dresses appropriately for her activities. She wears a leotard when she goes to dance class, not a fur vest.

Notably, this clearly fabricated nonsense comes two weeks after the tabloid ran a similarly dubious story about North being “embarrassed” by Kardashian’s own sexy clothing, as if there really was a “source” who knew the 4-year-old was judging her mom for her appearance. In addition, the mean-spirited reference to Shiloh (above) is also a dead give-away that this tale is fictional.

While this story uses North to diss Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s daughter, earlier this month there was an article that did the opposite. In that one, which was about Shiloh begging Jolie for friends, it was the Kardashians who were dissed, with the “source” claiming the 11-year-old wasn’t allowed to hang out with 16-year-old Willow Smith due to her “association with the Kardashians.” It’s not a coincidence that the “source” in the Shiloh story dissed the Kardashians and the “source” in the North story dissed Shiloh. Both pieces were entirely manufactured by the magazine.

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