North West “In Denial” About Getting A Sister?

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North West Denial Sister

By Shari Weiss |

North West Denial Sister

(Kim Kardashian West/HollywoodLife)

North West is “in denial” about getting a sister, according to a seemingly manufactured story from a fabrication factory. Gossip Cop can expose how this HollywoodLife report seems to copy, and even contradict, comments Kim Kardashian herself has made about preparing her kids for their new sibling. And remember: We’ve repeatedly been told that those close to the famous mom don’t go leaking to HollywoodLies, as it’s nicknamed.

“North West In Denial About Getting A Sister: She’s ‘More Concerned’ With What Santa’s Bringing,” reads the headline of this suspicious article. The webloid claims to have “exclusively learned” the 4-year-old is “more excited” about getting Christmas gifts than her family expanding. You don’t say? A little girl more excited about presents from Santa Claus than anything else as the big holiday nears? Color us shocked.

The site contends, “Especially since Kim isn’t carrying the baby herself, North is apparently not buying it when her mom tells her she’s going to have a little sister soon.” A so-called “source close to the Kardashians” is quoted as saying, “North still doesn’t believe that it is happening… She always tells her mom that her belly isn’t a bubble — like it was with Saint — but Kim is trying to ease her through it by showing her clothes they have bought the baby and the room that the baby will be in.”

“With all of Kim’s trying it still might be a surprise, as North doesn’t get what is going on,” alleges this supposed snitch, failing to acknowledge that North was present for the family’s baby shower. What’s particularly odd is the purported insight seems to both mimic things the reality star herself has said but also contradict her. For example, the part about North supposedly telling “her mom that her belly isn’t a bubble” reminded Gossip Cop of Kardashian sharing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” last month, “I don’t know if my son gets it yet, especially since I don’t have the belly.”

Kardashian went on to recall how, following the baby shower, North said she should get to keep the gifts since “baby sister” wasn’t there yet. And of it being a girl, she added, “North is really excited about that… She’s so excited.” So it’s as if HollywoodLies copied the part of the interview in which Kardashian pointed out how her lack of belly makes it harder for the kids to grasp, but ignored the part where she specifically stated how involved North has been in the process.

This seems apparent when also looking at Kardashian’s “Entertainment Tonight” interview from around the same time (see videos below). “The kids are excited,” she said. “I don’t know if they don’t feel it as much ’cause they don’t see my big belly [or] hear me complaining every two seconds. But we do talk about it a lot, so I think they’re really excited.” She added, “My son, I don’t know how he’s gonna react, ’cause he doesn’t get it yet, but my daughter’s really excited.”

Again, the online publication seemed to crib the comments about a lack of a big belly and son Saint’s inability to understand what’s going on while ignoring the remarks about North’s excitement. The question, then, is: Why would a “source close to the Kardashians” simultaneously regurgitate things Kardashian herself has said, but also contradict her comments by claiming North is “in denial”? There’s no logic to that. Frankly, the only thing that makes sense here is the assertion that a 4-year-old is “preoccupied with what she’ll be getting from Santa.”

The problems with this “exclusive” could be part of the blog’s new faux journalism practices. Just a day ago, Gossip Cop pointed out a fake news story from HollywoodLies about Kardashian being “nervous” about her surrogate giving birth. Just like now, those assertions seemed not to come from a real-life “source,” but a recent interview the “KUWTK” star gave. What kind of scoop is it when you merely repeat what Kardashian herself has already said? Certainly not an authentic and legitimate one.

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