North West, Blue Ivy Feud Claim Not True And Ridiculous

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North West Blue Ivy Feud

By Shari Weiss |

North West Blue Ivy Feud

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North West and Blue Ivy are not in a feud simply because Kanye West called out Jay Z, despite a ridiculous report. Gossip Cop can debunk the absurd story.

As Gossip Cop reported, during a concert on Wednesday night, West went on a rant about Jay Z. He slammed his longtime friend and collaborator over a number of alleged problems, including personal issues. “I can’t take this sh*t, bro! Our kids have never even played together,” the rapper said at one point.

Now OK! is blaring on its website, “Kanye West Starts Epic Feud Between NORTH & Blue Ivy After Ruthless Bashing Of Jay Z.” It says in the accompanying piece, “Kanye West is definitely prone to biting remarks and hurling insults, but now he’s starting North off early! The rapper initiated a feud between his young daughter and Jay Z’s little girl Blue Ivy in what is likely to blow up way worse than a kindergarten spat.”

The tabloid editorializes that “West took it too far when his anger for Jay Z caused him to involve their young daughters!” But now it’s the magazine taking things too far. West didn’t “start” a feud between North and Blue Ivy. They’re most likely completely unaware of what was said.

North is 3 years old. Blue Ivy is 4. They are preschool-aged children, a time when kids’ biggest concern is usually whether they’ll get ice cream after dinner. West didn’t “initiate a feud” between them, nor did he directly “involve” them in the situation with Jay Z. To make it seem like North and Blue Ivy are now fighting with each other because of the rapper’s comments is sensational nonsense. OK! is feuding with the facts.

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Blue Ivy and North West are feuding after Kanye West called out Jay Z.


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