Norman Reedus Pressuring “The Walking Dead” Producers To Make Daryl And Negan Show’s Focus? (EXCLUSIVE)

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Norman Reedus Pressuring Walking Dead Producers

By Shari Weiss |

Norman Reedus Pressuring Walking Dead Producers

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Norman Reedus is NOT pressuring the producers of “The Walking Dead” to make his character Daryl and Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan the focus of the show, despite a report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the story, which falsely claims the actors’ “bromance” is “bugging” the show’s cast.

According to Star, “The cast of ‘The Walking Dead’ is starting to realize that the biggest threat of all” isn’t zombies, but “behind the cameras” now that Morgan has joined the series. It’s alleged Reedus “lobbied hard to get his pal a part on the show and is now putting pressure on producers to beef up Morgan’s role at the expense of his castmates.”

“Norman is the fan favorite, and he’s using that to his advantage with the writers,” a so-called “AMC spy” claims. “He was instrumental in getting Jeffrey added to the show, and he wants next season to center around their characters — and if that means zombies kill of Rick [Andrew Lincoln] or Glenn [Stephen Yeun], so be it.”

Tellingly, this piece conveniently fails to mention that Morgan’s character Negan is already integral to the plot from the comic book version, and will continue to play a major role in the TV adaptation’s upcoming seventh season. Reedus needn’t have to lobby for more screen time for his friend or himself. And he isn’t.

A rep for Reedus exclusively tells Gossip Cop, “As usual with Star, this story is complete nonsense. Norman has absolutely nothing to do with the casting or storylines on the show. He has strong friendships with Andrew, Steven and Jeffrey, and is thrilled to work with them all as much as humanly possible.”

The spokesperson adds, “We would have given the same quote to Star, if they bothered to call us to fact check.” Burn!


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