Noel Gallagher Slams Harry Styles: “My Cat Could’ve Written” ‘Sign Of The Times’

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Noel Gallagher Harry Styles Feud

By Shari Weiss |

Noel Gallagher Harry Styles Feud

(Absolute Radio/Twitter)

Noel Gallagher slammed Harry Styles in a new interview, accusing the singer of not writing his own music. Watch the video below.

While appearing on “Absolute Radio” this week, Gallagher took issue with both how Styles entered the music business and his current place in it. “The ‘X Factor’ is a TV show. It’s got nothing to do with music. It’s got nothing to do with music whatsoever, and anything that came from that has nothing to do with music,” said the Oasis legend.

He went on, “You’re not telling me Harry Styles is currently sat in his room somewhere writing a song. With any joy, he’ll be surrounded by a lot of 17-year-old girls, do you know what I mean? F*cking getting coke blown up his assh*le, hopefully. But I can assure you, he doesn’t got an acoustic guitar out trying to write a middle-eight for someone. You know what I mean?”

For the record, Styles is credited as the writer on all 10 tracks featured on his debut solo album, which came out earlier this month and topped the charts both in the UK and in the U.S. Still, Gallagher continued to rant, saying, “Because people of my age have let themselves go, you know, and they’re kinda fat, balding idiots with fading talent, too. They kind of sit in their garage and write sh*t like ‘Sign Of The Times’ for Harry Styles. Do you know what I mean? Which, quite frankly, my cat could’ve written it in about 10 minutes.”

“I don’t mind the song,” Gallagher clarified. He then said, however, “My wife was falling over herself. ‘Have you heard Harry Styles’ new song?! It’s like Prince!’ And I was like, ‘I can f*cking assure you, without even hearing it, I can assure you it’s not like Prince.'”

Gallagher has a long history of blasting Styles and his music. Back in 2013, he blamed One Direction for “banal pop music,” telling GQ, “F*cking idiots. Bless ’em. Bless ’em, but f*ck ’em at the same time.” And in 2015, the rocker told Rolling Stone that Styles doesn’t have a “great deal to say for himself.”

That same year, Gallagher said on the “Late Late Show” that One Direction only had “five years left.” Of course, the group is now on hiatus. Check out the video below to see Gallagher’s latest criticism of Styles.

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