Noah Mac “The Voice” Knockouts Video – Watch “Hold Back The River” Performance

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Noah Mac Voice Knockouts Video

By Shari Weiss |

Noah Mac Voice Knockouts Video


Noah Mac covered “Hold Back The River” on Monday’s “The Voice,” during the season 13 Knockouts. Check out the video below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Mac started the NBC competition as a member of Team Blake, after picking Blake Shelton to be his coach. During the Battles, Mac competed with fellow contestant Keisha Renee, whom the country superstar named the winner of their duet. That meant Renee would get to stay on Shelton’s team while Mac faced elimination. But then Jennifer Hudson swooped in to save the day, stealing Mac and making him a member of Team J-Hud.

Now for the Knockouts, Mac had to give his first performance under Hudson’s coaching and this time he had to sing solo. He chose James Bay’s Grammy-nominated single, “Hold Back The River.” In rehearsal, his passionate piano-driven performance greatly moved key advisor Kelly Clarkson. “You’re so good,” she exclaimed through tears. Mac admitted to the camera, “To have that effect on her was something I’d never expect in a million years.” Amusingly, Clarkson also declared “Blake is an idiot” for letting him go.

But in order to hang on to his new spot on Hudson’s team and make it to the Playoffs, Mac had to out-perform his new team mate, Jeremiah Miller. As Gossip Cop reported, Miller sang Niall Horan’s “Slow Hands” for his Blind Audition. This time around, he opted for Justin Bieber’s “Sorry.” Before taking the stage, he was encouraged to work on his diction and his range.

Though both young, the two aspiring stars are very different and nailed their performances in their own ways. During Mac’s turn, Miley Cyrus actually let out a “damn!” She said afterward, “From where I’m sitting, this was my favorite performance.” Adam Levine said, “Noah, you’re a superstar. You’re a kid who probably has no idea.” And his former coach Shelton confessed, “I’m very proud and I’m feeling really stupid. I’m the moron who let you go. You not only made the best out of it, but the best of the Knockouts.”

Hudson saw both her contestants as “stars,” but it was clear which guy was the bigger star. “You’re kinda beyond your years,” she told Mac. Fortunately, Miller took his loss in stride and gave his winning opponent props. Watch the videos below!

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