Nina Dobrev NOT “Cozying Up” To Norman Reedus For ‘Walking Dead’ Role, Despite Report

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Nina Dobrev Walking Dead Norman reedus

By Michael Lewittes |

Nina Dobrev Walking Dead Norman reedus

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Nina Dobrev is not “cozying up” to Norman Reedus in an effort to get a part on “The Walking Dead,” despite an entirely made-up-story. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this fabrication. We’re told it’s complete “nonsense.”

According to the fantasy writers at Celeb Dirty Laundry, after Dobrev posted a photo of herself with Reedus at the American Music Award there was talk that “Nina may have joined the cast of ‘The Walking Dead.'” The bogus webloid then tries to reason that it would make sense for Dobrev to want to join “The Walking Dead” because it has a “similar fan base” to that of her former series, “The Vampire Diaries.” The unreliable site adds that if an actress wants to be on the AMC zombie show, “Reedus is the guy you should be impressing,” and if he wants you on the series, “You basically have the job in the bag.”

There is so much wrong in the webloid’s latest tale, it’s hard to figure out where to start. But Gossip Cop will try. Despite the site’s claim, no one made the leap between Dobrev and Reedus posing for a picture and talk of her having “joined the cast of ‘The Walking Dead.'” Additionally, if Dobrev wants to be on “The Walking Dead,” which not one of our sources could confirm, Reedus is not necessarily “the guy you should be impressing.” It’s actually the casting agents, producers and the network that make that decision.

Of course, CDL has no sources. The webloid is simply speculating based on nothing other than two people posing for a picture. It’s like saying Elvis was angling for being Secretary of State when he posed for a photo in 1970 with President Nixon. In any event, Gossip Cop reached out to Dobrev’s rep, who called the report “silly,” and noted, “That site writes nonsense all the time.”

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Nina Dobrev is cozying up to Norman Reedus to get a role in “The Walking Dead.”


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