Nina Dobrev, Orlando Bloom NOT “More Than Friends,” Despite Claim

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Nina Dobrev Orlando Bloom

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Nina Dobrev Orlando Bloom

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Nina Dobrev and Orlando Bloom are not “more than friends,” despite a manufactured report. Gossip Cop can correct this claim. What’s more, we can explain how the fake news story was cobbled together.

As it often does, HollywoodLife has taken another outlet’s story, and then alleges to have “exclusive” details. The problem is the site rarely fact-checks, so at times it invariably pinches untrue reports and then adds fictitious flourishes. Case in point is its latest fabricated article about Bloom and Dobrev being “more than friends.”

After calling the two stars Hollywood’s “new hot couple,” the outlet regurgitates how the two attended The Promise premiere “together.” The webloid then giddily claims Dobrev and Bloom have been “spending some time” with one another and “not just as buddies.” HollywoodLies, as it has become known, also quotes a so -called “source” telling People that Bloom and Dobrev have been “hanging out as more than friends.”

But the site has no proof. And it didn’t even bother to check the reporting from People before exclaiming Bloom and Dobrev are the “new hot couple,” and are hanging out together “not just as buddies.” It just happens to be that the story HollywoodLies relied on for its information is wrong.

Gossip Cop and the former “Vampire Diaries” star have a friend in common, and according to our impeccable insider, Dobrev and Bloom are not dating. The untrue romance rumor was actually started by HollywoodLife after the two actors were photographed at The Promise premiere. But, as Gossip Cop previously noted, they were pictured with a number of people in between them, including Aleen Kashishian, who is both their managers. We’re told they’ve been pals for several years, thanks to Keshishian, but there’s nothing “more” than that to Bloom and Dobrev’s friendship.

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