Nina Dobrev Did NOT “Diss” Nikki Reed With Teddy Bear and Cat Picture, Despite Insane HollywoodLife Story

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Nina Dobrev Nikki Reed

By Daniel Gates |

Nina Dobrev Nikki Reed

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Nina Dobrev did not diss Nikki Reed, despite an insane HollywoodLife report claiming the “Vampire Diaries” star’s recent Instagram picture of a cat and a teddy bear is somehow “throwing major shade” at her ex-boyfriend Ian Somerhalder’s new fiancée. It’s almost too stupid for Gossip Cop to bust, but the story is actually spreading, because some very confused people and outlets seem to think HollywoodLife is a news site.

The webloid has been trying to start trouble between Dobrev and Reed for months. Last July, HollywoodLife said there was a Dobrev-Reed feud because Dobrev had posted this quote to Instagram: “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.” HollywoodLife called that a “diss.” HollywoodLife is a sad joke.

In October, the site claimed Dobrev had had Reed “banned” from the “Vampire Diaries” set. A rep for Dobrev told Gossip Cop exclusively that it was “total B.S.” Earlier this month, the webloid announced that Dobrev was “devastated” about Somerhalder and Reed’s engagement. Again, sources told Gossip Cop the allegation was 100 percent made up. HollywoodLife is a sad joke.

On Saturday, HollywoodLife pointed out a picture Dobrev recently shared on Instagram (see below). It shows a cat and a teddy bear. Here’s what Dobrev wrote, “Ms. Cuddles trying to cuddle up to my Lynx. But my Lynx doesn’t like fake b*tches. #BeReal or #BeGone #TVD.” It was an amusing photo that had absolutely nothing at all to do with Reed.

This is what HollywoodLife said: “Nina Dobrev Disses Nikki Reed? – Slams ‘Fake Bi*ches’ In New Message.” The site wrote, “Oh boy. Nina is throwing major shade at the ‘fake bi*ches’ of the world and wants them gone. Is her new message directed towards ex Ian Somerhalder’s fiancée, Nikki Reed?” After describing the picture, HollywoodLife speculated, “Yikes. This message is too insane to just be between a teddy bear and a cat. Sounds like Nina might finally be speaking out about Nikki in the only way she knows how. However, one could argue that Nina could be talking about Ian.”

Dobrev was not talking about Somerhalder. She was not talking about Reed. She was joking around about her TV show and using a cute picture to do it. There is no raging feud between her and the engaged couple. There is no sensational back story to the Instagram picture. Period. And before you criticize Gossip Cop for correcting this nonsense, please note that the HollywoodLife story has been shared thousands of times on Facebook. Thousands of people are believing this garbage and spreading it to thousands of other people. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop, “HollywoodLife is a joke, and so is this so-called ‘story.'” Help us spread that.

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