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When Nina Dobrev recently had dinner with publicist Gary Mantoosh, it was neither "romantic" nor a "date." There's absolutely no relationship between them in that sense, despite a report from a clearly clueless site. Gossip Cop can separate fact from fiction.

Celeb Dirty Laundry writes, "Nina Dobrev was spotted enjoying a romantic dinner date with her publicist, Gary Mantoosh. The two made it no secret that they were clearly enjoying each other's company at Hollywood hotspot Craig's on Monday evening." The webloid goes on to note, "Gary kept close to Nina and at one point, even held hands with her in front of her while they were walking in front of the cameras. For a lot of Nina's fans, this means one of two things: that they are either very close as work colleagues or that Gary is trying to tell the world that they are a new couple."

"Sure, Nina is close with Gary, but this is the first time they've looked like an actual couple in public," contends the outlet, adding, "Nina didn't say anything but continued to hold his hand with a huge smile on her face." After running through Dobrev's romantic history, the online publication asserts, "And now that she's spending more time with her publicist, a lot of people can't help but wonder if Nina and Gary are indeed an item. Of course, the truth will come out sooner rather than later. Fans know that it always does. Nina won't be able to hide what's going on for too long, especially if she does have real feelings for Gary."

In actuality, she isn't trying to "hide" anything and the "truth" was always out. Dobrev and Mantoosh are longtime friends with many mutual pals. Dobrev and the publicist were indeed photographed by paparazzi while out to dinner, but they were in no way intending to show off a romantic relationship. In fact, in a 2014 interview with Modern Luxury, Mantoosh spoke about being wrongly linked to famous female celebrities. He told the outlet, "As flattering as it is — and I should be so lucky to be associated with my client as if I were a significant other — I think it's silly because I'm obviously not!"

CDL ends its piece by nothing that, "So far Nina Dobrev hasn't made any comments about her personal relationship with Gary Mantoosh." But she doesn't need to address their purported "relationship." No reliable outlet jumped to the same conclusion as this site because knowledgeable celebrity publications are already aware that there would never be any romance between them.

Lastly, it's galling that the webloid tries to suggest Dobrev is being "so tight-lipped" because, following her relationship with Ian Somerhalder, "she's been forced to deny reports of a possible feud between her, Ian and his wife Nikki Reed and that she's jealous of their marriage." The blog doesn't acknowledge that it was the source of many of those untrue reports.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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