Nina Agdal Posting Naked Instagram Photo To Tempt Leonardo DiCaprio Is Fake News

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Nina Agdal Tempt Leonardo DiCaprio

By Michael Lewittes |

Nina Agdal Tempt Leonardo DiCaprio

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Nina Agdal is not trying to tempt Leonardo DiCaprio with a naked photo of herself on Instagram, despite a newly manufactured fake news story. Gossip Cop can bust this made-up claim.

Here’s what really happened: The model posted a picture of herself nude yet strategically covered, thanks to her hands and a pizza emoji over her right nipple (below), and then the serial fabricators at HollywoodLife decided to tie that completely unrelated photo to her ex-boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio. After noting how the black-and-white image is captioned by Agdal with the words, “Waiting for my pizza,” the untrustworthy site wonders whether the photo is an “attempt to catch her ex Leonardo DiCaprio’s eye?” Moronically, the site adds, “How could it not, right?”

Gossip Cop can list dozens of reasons how it can’t be, but we’ll limit it to just three for now. One, there’s nothing in Agdal’s sexy photo, much like many others she has posted to Instagram, that indicates it has anything to do with DiCaprio. Two, Agdal and DiCaprio split more than two months ago and have each moved on. Three, if she were trying to tempt DiCaprio, she would send the photo directly to him rather than share it with 1.7 million followers who don’t personally know her or DiCaprio.

The website’s story gets even more illogical, if possible, by then claiming that “since breaking things off with Leo, Nina has reportedly been getting ‘serious’ with Kristie Brinkley’s handsome son Jack Brinkley-Cook.” Wait, so Agdal is “tempting” DiCaprio with a random photo, but she’s in a “serious” relationship with another man? Besides misspelling the supermodel’s name, Gossip Cop was told earlier this month that Christie’s son Jack is not getting “serious” with Agdal.

There’s a reason the website has earned the nickname HollywoodLies, and it’s because the outlet routinely makes up fake news. Its latest article, filled with illogical premises and typos, is just another example. The reality is Agdal posted a shot of herself nude because models sometimes do things like that. It has nothing to do with “tempting” her ex-boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio.

Nina Agdal Nude Instagram

(Nina Agdal/Instagram)

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