Nina Agdal Doesn’t Get Along With Leonardo DiCaprio’s Friends?

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Nina Agdal Friends Leonardo DiCaprio

By Shari Weiss |

Nina Agdal Friends Leonardo DiCaprio

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Nina Agdal doesn’t get along with Leonardo DiCaprio’s friends? A new report claims the situation is jeopardizing the couple’s relationship. But only Gossip Cop has the exclusive truth.

“Over Already? Nina Agdal Has A Major Deal Breaker With Eternal Bachelor Leonardo DiCaprio,” reads a headline on the OK! website. It’s said, “Nina Agdal may be dating the world’s hottest actor, but she’s not entirely happy! Sources told OK! Magazine the 24-year-old model has issues with hot new flame, Leo DiCaprio’s ‘frat boy’ friends, including Lukas Haas and Jonah Hill.”

One such “source” is quoted as telling the tabloid, “Unlike lots of Leo’s other women, Nina’s really smart, but she feels like his friends just view her as a dumb model. She’ll try to start an interesting conversation when they’re around, but with the wolf pack it’s all sports talk and dumb jokes.” The alleged tipster adds that Agdal finds the dynamic “pathetic,” and thinks “they all need to grow up.”

OK! should grow up, too, and stop trying to stir up trouble where there is none. Gossip Cop spoke with ACTUAL sources close to the couple, who exclusively tells us, “Nina gets along great with all of Leo’s friends.” One of contacts even noted that the claims “sound like a hater trying to start something.” We’re also told that the outlet “never even reached out” to Agdal’s camp before running the untrue allegations. Now THAT’S pathetic.

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Nina Agdal does not get along with Leonardo DiCaprio’s friends.


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