Nikki McBurnett America’s Got Talent Audition Video: Daredevil BLOWS HERSELF UP In Limousine — WATCH!

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Nikki McBurnett America's Got Talent Audition Video

By Shari Weiss |

Nikki McBurnett America's Got Talent Audition Video


A woman named Nikki McBurnett BLEW HERSELF UP on “America’s Got Talent” on Tuesday. Watch below!

The 41-year-old, who first shocked the judges by revealing she’s a grandmother, explained that she’s been a “daredevil” for five years. “I really think it’s important to show my kid, and my grandkid, we can do this. Women rock,” said the contestant. “Tonight I want to show America that you can be a daredevil and still be a girl. And the grandma chick.”

McBurnett picked her “favorite” “extremely dangerous” stunt for her audition, which entailed donning protective gear and entering the limo, which was lined with bags of gasoline, before it would be lit on fire. There was a high risk of death, firefighters and medics were appropriately on site, and host Nick Cannon even warned viewers NOT to try this at home. With McBurnett inside, there was a countdown before the explosion was triggered.

A massive fireball went up, and the ENTIRE limo was engulfed in flames. And thanks to cameras inside the car, viewers could see her getting rocked around. There were a few scary seconds when it wasn’t known if she survived, but McBurnett ultimately emerged… on fire.

She dropped to the ground, and the flames on her back were put out with fire extinguishers. Then there were some more scary moments when she then didn’t get up right away. But McBurnett then popped up with a huge, victorious grin on her face.

Howie Mandel told her afterward, “I have to say, it looked spectacular. Sitting there where we were sitting, it was hot. Beyond. And a lady doing it, it’s hot. Very sexy.”

“I think you are a powerhouse. Usually it’s a men doing this kind of stuff, and you’re a lady doing it,” said Mel B, further telling McBurnett, “I think you’re a firecracker. I have to say yes.”

Heidi Klum, however, said that for her, “it was a little too much.” The supermodel explained, “I was worried for you, and I don’t know if we’re taking it too far.” Howard Stern shot back, “That was the point!”

“There’s something intriguing about anybody who would themselves in that kind of danger. I say bravo! What a performance,” he continued. Stern went on, “I’m going to say this with pride. You’re what we need. I want to see you get blown up, hit by bricks, dropped on your head… You’re going on to the next round. That was exciting!”

Check out the video below. TELL US: Do you agree with Klum or the rest of the judges?!


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