Nikki Ferrell Talks Juan Pablo Split: We Tried But I Was His “Seventh Priority”

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nikki ferrell juan pablo galavis split breakup

By Michael Lewittes |

nikki ferrell juan pablo galavis split breakup

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Nikki Ferrell revealed the real reason why she and Juan Pablo Galavis split in October during Monday night’s live premiere special of “The Bachelor.” The pediatric nurse from Kansas City, Missouri told host Chris Harrison that both she and Galavis really wanted their romance to work. “It’s not from a lack of trying on either side,” she said of their breakup. “I tried really hard and he tried, too.”

The couple even joined last season’s cast of VH1’s “Couples Therapy” in hopes of saving their relationship. “I wasn’t going to quit. I’m not a quitter,” she noted. “I tried everything, he tried, too. It wasn’t just a one-side thing… We real-life tried, not TV-tried.” Last season’s winner had nothing bad to say about Galavis, who is known as the most controversial “Bachelor” in the show’s history. She insisted he is a “good person” and “so caring.”

“It’s just I’m a nurse in Kansas City. He lives in Miami, and he’s in the entertainment industry and that’s his job and his lifestyle,” she said. “It was really hard for me to fit into that. At the end of the day we gave it a go, but we’re just two different people.” Ferrell added, “His life in Miami was very much a priority for him, so when I would come there I would feel like I was just kind of like thrown into his life,” she continued. “I knew I was never going to be the number one priority. He has a daughter… But there’s a difference between being the second priority and the seventh priority.”

Ferrell also tackled Galavis refusing to say that he loved her during last season’s “After The Rose” special. “As his girlfriend, I wanted to respect that. I’m going to stand by my man,” she said. “Was it going to be 100 percent my choice? No, but I cared about him, and I wanted to be a good girlfriend.” She added, “No one prepares you for what’s going to happen on the show and being in the spotlight. It could have been easier, but I did feel happy at the end of the night. I wanted everyone else to be happy for me. It was misunderstood for a lot of reasons because we weren’t able to express ourselves, mostly him.” Despite their split, Ferrell stressed that she is “really happy these days.” What do you think of Ferrell’s comments?


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