Hilary Duff Is NOT Trying To Steal Joel Madden From Nicole Richie, Despite Claim

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Hilary Duff Nicole Richie

By Michael Lewittes |

Hilary Duff Nicole Richie

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Hilary Duff is not trying to steal Joel Madden back from Nicole Richie, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the claim, which was made by one of the tabloids. A source close to Duff tells us it’s 100 percent “not true.”

According to the National Enquirer, now that Duff has filed for divorce from Mike Comrie, Richie has a warning for her husband’s ex-girfriend, “Stay away from my man!” The tabloid claims Richie is convinced that Duff, who recently hinted she lost her virginity to Madden when she was a teen, is making “a play to win Joel back.” The magazine even suggests that the self-empowering “mom” selfies Duff recently took of herself in a bikini, which Gossip Cop reported on, were some sort of way to taunt Richie and possibly tempt Madden.

The Enquirer has a so-called “insider” allege that Richie is on “high alert, even doing random text and voice message checks of Joel’s phone” to make sure her husband and Duff aren’t in communication. But that’s not all. The tabloid’s supposed insider says Richie had “a mutual friend, whose son goes to the same celebrity baby music class as Hilary’s son, confront Hilary.” During that purported confrontation, says the magazine, Richie’s pal reminded Duff that Madden is “still most definitely married.”

What a dramatic and completely made-up story by the Enquirer. Duff is not trying to lure Madden away from his wife. And there never was any kind of encounter between a friend of Richie’s and Duff. A source close to Duff tells Gossip Cop it’s all “not true,” adding that any talk of her trying to break up Madden and Richie is “absurd” and a “lie.”


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