Nicole Kidman Top Rumor Of 2017: Separated From Keith Urban

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Nicole Kidman Top Rumor 2017 Keith Urban

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Nicole Kidman Top Rumor 2017 Keith Urban

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Star claimed in an August cover story that it had a “$300 million divorce bombshell” about Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. The unreliable tabloid contended that both the actress and the singer were rendezvousing with other people and leading “separate lives.” It was all “B.S.,” an impeccable contact told Gossip Cop at the time. Sure enough, the story was provably untrue, as the couple is still very much together.

Back then, the outlet ridiculously alleged Kidman and Urban had separated. The magazine quoted a so-called “source” as saying, “Kidman is fed up with husband Keith Urban’s wandering eye and she’s moved a continent away, while getting her revenge with a flirtation of her own.” The publication further purported that Kidman had “grown close” to director Garth Davis, who she worked with on the film Lion. A supposed “insider” added, “From the way they were touching, hugging and looking into each other’s eyes, it appears they have a real connection.”

But as much as the tabloid wanted readers to believe that Kidman and Urban had split, Gossip Cop was exclusively assured that the report was “all B.S.” And even though the publication was clearly intent on duping people into thinking the spouses were legally separated, its alleged source merely said, “They’ve been practically living separate lives with Keith’s touring schedule and Nicole’s nonstop film work.” That didn’t exactly back up the tabloid’s “$300 million divorce bombshell” declaration.

Nicole Kidman Top Rumor


Of course, the magazine’s story was a complete fabrication, and soon backfired. Kidman and Urban proved they were still an item at the Emmy Awards and CMAs, and more recently, Urban shared a gushing tribute to his wife on Twitter after she was nominated for a Golden Globe. The singer wrote, “Hey baby – CONGRATULATIONS on all the GLOBES love this morn!!!!!! Incredibly proud of you, the work, and all the BLL and TOTL team. THE STARS ALIGNED!!! xxxxxx – KU.” There are bound to be more rumors about the couple in 2018, but Gossip Cop will be ready to debunk them.