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Was Nicole Kidman holding a grudge against Princess Diana over the late royal’s “crush” on Tom Cruise? One tabloid last week says so. Gossip Cop did a bit of research and came to a different conclusion.

"Territorial" Nicole Kidman Not Letting Go Of Princess Di Grudge

New Idea reported last week that Nicole Kidman was still upset with the late Princess Diana. Kidman, the outlet insisted, was an incredibly jealous woman, and she wouldn’t let go of the fact that Princess Diana thought Tom Cruise was attractive when she met him at the 1992 premiere of Far And Away. The “crush” was mentioned briefly in Australian author Judy Wade’s book, Diana: An Intimate Portrait, which was published in 2007. Remember that year, it's important.

Nicole Kidman, in white, smiling with Tom Cruise, in a dark suit, in 1998

After being approached by the tabloid to confirm the story, an almost certainly fake source laughed and said, “Well, this explains why Nicole turned down roles featuring Diana every time she’s been asked - and wasn’t happy about her best friend Naomi Watts playing her, either!” Even Kidman’s divorce and Princess Diana’s death weren’t enough to soften the grudge. The insider continued,

Nicole gets very territorial over her partners and hangs onto a grudge - apparently even if she’s divorced from the man and the threatening woman has passed!

Kidman Jealous Of Husband's Female Collaborators?

Both Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman attended Princess Diana’s funeral in 1997, but the dubious insider insisted that it “was more Tom’s wish than hers.” Kidman is no less jealous of her current husband, country crooner Keith Urban, than she was with her ex. The outlet claimed Kidman was keeping a close eye on Urban’s relationship with his fellow former American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez.

Keith Urban, in all black, standing with Jennifer Lopez at an American Idol event
(Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock.com)

Pink had also gotten on Kidman’s naughty list after the singer got “a little too flirty with Keith at the 2017 AMAs.” The source went on to say Urban “always develops intense friendships with his creative partners and Pink is no exception. They had a great time collaborating on this project together and Keith is full of praise for her, which isn’t exactly music to Nicole’s ears.” This article makes poor Kidman out to be some sort of jealousy monster, but Gossip Cop is certain that’s not the case.

First of all, the timelines don’t match up. The book that contained the anecdote about Princess Diana meeting Tom Cruise and finding him handsome was published in 2007. Cruise and Kidman divorced in 2001. Of course, Kidman could have noticed Princess Diana’s interest in her then-husband at the time, but what sense does it make for the actress to hold a grudge against a dead woman for liking her husband, whom she’s no longer married to? Especially since she’s clearly moved on with her new husband. Nothing about this story makes any sense.

New Idea has a history of getting the story wrong when it comes to Nicole Kidman. Gossip Cop recently called the outlet out for claiming that Pink saved the actress’ marriage to Keith Urban. Isn’t that strange, since this outlet just insinuated that Pink had caused trouble in Kidman’s marriage? Tabloids like this one just spew endless nonsense in an attempt to engage readers, but what it really lacks is facts.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop can’t say for sure, but this is most likely false, given the evidence.


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