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Nicole Kidman and Steve Irwin are two of America’s favorite Australians. One tabloid claims Kidman is going to star as Terri Irwin in an upcoming Steve Irwin biopic. Gossip Cop investigates this casting rumor.

‘Crikey-Our Nic Is Putting On The Khaki’

According to New Idea, Steve Irwin’s life will finally be “immortalized on the big screen” thanks to Kidman. The Lion star is “not only spearheading the project as producer but is keen to play Steve’s true love and fellow wildlife warrior, Terri Irwin.” With Kidman’s connection to America and Australia, she’s “uniquely placed to understand” what the international fans will expect.

The biopic will film in Australia, and Kidman has been “eyeing up Liam Hemsworth to play a young Steve.” Kidman will “need a little CGI help” to make her scenes as “a younger Terri” be more realistic. In addition, with help from Terri herself, Kidman has also “recruited her buddy Russell Crowe,” who was “also Steve’s best mate,” for his expertise.

No Film Seems To Be In Production

Casting and other movie news is something you’d find from more legitimate sources like Variety or The Hollywood Reporter. There is no information about this Kidman-produced biopic to be found anywhere, so Gossip Cop is very skeptical of this report. It’s also worth noting that Steve Irwin has already been immortalized through his own series The Crocodile Hunter and through the continued work of his family at the Australia Zoo.

Kidman Is Very Busy

The Moulin Rouge star also has a very full schedule, as she’s currently working on The Northman with Alexander Skarsgard. She’s also producing and starring in Nine Perfect Strangers and, according to IMDB, is producing The Expatriates and Truly Madly Guilty. If this biopic is actually happening, and details are pretty much nonexistent, then Kidman likely couldn’t start it for years.

The Tabloid is Typically Wrong

New Idea acts as if Kidman has permanently moved to Australia in an effort to save her marriage to Keith Urban. Kidman is in Australia temporarily to work on a few projects, but it’s not going to be her permanent home moving forward. This is the same tabloid that claimed Kidman and Urban were splitting up in February, yet they’re still together today.

Terri Irwin is also a favorite target of this tabloid. It claimed Irwin, Crowe, and Sharon Stone were in a love triangle. A month later, it claimed Irwin had her heart broken by Crowe. Gossip Cop has repeatedly busted the rumor that Crowe and Irwin are not romantically involved. If a biopic is secretly in production, then you have to wonder how only New Idea would know about it when no other paper does. Since its track record with Kidman and Irwin stories is so rotten, Gossip Cop believes this story is bogus.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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