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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are not "separated," despite a new tabloid cover story wrongly announcing a "$300 million divorce bombshell." Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this untrue report.

The new cover of Star is falsely blaring, "Separated! Fed-Up Nicole Leaving Keith." Inside the issue, the tabloid contends, "Kidman is fed up with husband Keith Urban's wandering eye and she's moved a continent away, while getting her revenge with a flirtation of her own." The seeds for this article were planted last week, when the gossip magazine ridiculously alleged Kidman was divorcing Urban after he was caught hugging a "sexy redhead" at a concert.

As Gossip Cop reported, however, an impeccable Kidman contact assured us the split speculation was "all B.S." And now there's additional evidence that that report was fudged, as was this new cover story. In the previous article, a purported "eyewitness" said of Urban and the woman, "They laughed and hugged each other tightly. It certainly seemed like there was a real connection between them." Now in this new story, which is partly based on speculation that Kidman has grown inappropriately close to director Garth Davis, an "insider" supposedly says of the pair, "From the way they were touching, hugging and looking into each other's eyes, it appears that they have a real connection."

The similar descriptions and "real connection" lines are no coincidence. In fact, the "insider" statement about Kidman and Garth is nearly identical to this one from the "eyewitness" about Urban and the redhead last week: "The way they were laughing, touching and hugging, it certainly looked as if there was something special between them." There is no way an "eyewitness" at an Urban concert in California just happened to make the same statement about Kidman's premiere in Sydney. It was all fabricated by the tabloid, and those lies form the linchpin of this new separation cover story.

After Kidman supposedly saw the photos of Urban and the mystery woman, she was "furious and stormed out of the house," the outlet's "insider" claims. "She took their two daughters to Australia, and I imagine she's happy to be thousands of miles away from Keith." Of course, the real reason Kidman went Down Under was because she had a premiere to attend, in addition to film work for an upcoming movie. It had nothing to do with her marriage.

Still, the purported source further suggests the actress' supposedly flirty behavior at the event with Davis was about "getting revenge on Keith." It's even absurdly claimed that Kidman drank wine at the event just to "spite" Urban, who was has struggled with alcoholism. And because this seemingly made-up "insider" has no first-hand knowledge of what's going on with the couple, phrases like "I heard" and "I believe" are used, along with this empty contention: "It's possible she's finally reached her limit."

Anything is possible, including the tabloid accurately reporting on Kidman's marriage. But that's not the case here. And what about the assertion that Kidman and Urban are "separated"? As it turns out, the questionable publication isn't actually referring to a legal separation, though that's clearly its intent on the cover. Rather, its alleged source merely says, "They've been practically living separate lives with Keith's touring schedule and Nicole's nonstop film work." That's not exactly evidence to back up the tabloid's "$300 million divorce bombshell" declaration.

In fact, the only thing that's mentioned about that is the specious "insider" speculating that, due to their fortune, "if their relationship ever deteriorates to the point of divorce, rest assured it could be pretty contentious." Well, readers and fans can rest assured that Star and its "insider" are full of it. This is a 100 percent manufactured cover story, and there is zero truth to the implications Kidman and Urban are separating with a divorce on the horizon.

Gossip Cop said last week that the tabloid was trying to make drama where there was none, and now the magazine has taken that attempt even further this week. These are two false narratives crafted around photos that simply show Kidman at a work event with her director and Urban at a work event, where the "sexy redhead" he gave a friendly hug to was actually a CMT and "Extra" reporter. The magazine is trying to sell a non-existent scandal, and that's why Gossip Cop is again told it's all "B.S." Don't fall for it.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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