Keith Urban Did NOT Discover Nicole Kidman’s “Secret Sex Journals,” Despite Report

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Nicole Kidman Sex Journals Keith Urban

By Andrew Shuster |

Nicole Kidman Sex Journals Keith Urban

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Keith Urban did not discover Nicole Kidman’s (nonexistent) “secret sex journals” chronicling her past love affairs, despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this story. We’re told it’s “BS.”

According to the National Enquirer, while Kidman was off working in London, the country singer supposedly discovered in their Nashville home secret diaries from the actress that allegedly “detail her relationships with other men,” including Lenny Kravitz and Russell Crowe. A so-called “close pal” tells the tabloid, “Keith was totally shocked by what he read. Afterward he felt so guilty, he called Nicole to confess.”

In addition to supposed anecdotes about Crowe and Kravitz, the tabloid claims Kidman wrote in her alleged diaries that she feared her husband would cheat on her with Jennifer Lopez, his co-judge on “American Idol.” The “friend” claims, “Nic went through hell over Keith and J. Lo’s flirty behavior.” Another supposed revelation that Kidman wrote down was her desire to have a baby boy. The married couple have two young daughters, but according to the insider, “She’d give anything to get pregnant one last time and have a son.”

Of course, Kidman’s so-called diaries wouldn’t be complete without stories about her ex-husband Tom Cruise. The magazine claims she wrote her marriage to Cruise was “the worst time of her life,” and that she felt “she missed out” on her kids Connor and Isabella’s childhood “because they lived with Tom.”

Ok, that’s enough. Kidman does not keep “secret sex journals,” and this report is simply ludicrous. Gossip Cop has repeatedly corrected inaccurate Enquirer stories about the actress and her husband. We previously busted the tabloid for claiming that Kidman was moving to Los Angeles to keep an eye on Urban while he filmed “American Idol” with Lopez. And before that, Gossip Cop shot down a sensational report about the actress’ friends being worried she was becoming “suicidal.”

Like the aforementioned stories, this new tale about Urban discovering Kidman’s (nonexistent) “secret sex journals” is simply false and absurd. A rep for the actress tells Gossip Cop that the report is simply complete “BS.”


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