Nicole Kidman was not "betrayed" by Keith Urban, nor is she in a "revenge romance." The couple is still very much happily together, despite misleading tabloid reports. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

Last week, Star falsely claimed Kidman might divorce Urban because he was photographed hugging a "sexy redhead" at a concert. That inspired the gossip magazine's cover story this week, in which it was wrongly alleged Kidman and Urban were not only separated, but she already moved on to director Garth Davis. To give those untrue contentions support, sister outlet the National Enquirer is running a similarly inaccurate story.

The article's headline blares, "Betrayed Nicole's Revenge Romance!" Alleges the publication, "Vindictive Nicole Kidman has retaliated for husband Keith Urban's sleazy behavior by grabbing a handsome director in a boozy clinch!" The piece continues by asserting that after the country singer was "busted groping a groupie, Nicole exacted her revenge by throwing herself at the award-winning filmmaker." This sensationalized take is based on interaction at a premiere event for Kidman's "Top Of The Lake: China Girl," which Davis directed.

The supermarket tabloid is using photos of the pair at a party with cast and crew to declare they "stared lovingly into each other's eyes." A so-called "witness" is even quoted as saying, "Nicole looked like she was on a mission to get drunk, and to get as much attention as possible from Garth." According to the disreputable magazine, "Nicole knew exactly what she was doing: Getting payback after finding out Keith got way too close to a stunning redhead" at a show last month. A purported "source" adds, "Nicole did what any self-conscious woman does in these situations. She acted out in the hope it would shake Keith up!"

Interestingly, the National Enquirer doesn't mention anything about a split, unlike its equally untrustworthy sister outlet did. But the methodology here is the same. Star twisted photos of Urban with a reporter from CMT and "Extra," whom he's known for years, to falsely suggest he was misbehaving. It then erroneously twisted photos of Kidman and Davis celebrating like friends and co-workers do at a party. And that's what this tabloid has done here as well. But two wrongs don't make a right. If anything, the deceptive allegations are just doubly wrong. Kidman has not embarked on a revenge romance, and there isn't any reason for her to be needing to get revenge on Urban in the first place. Case closed.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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