Truth About Nicole Kidman And Reese Witherspoon Feuding

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nicole kidman reese witherspoon feud rumors

By Hugh Scott |

nicole kidman reese witherspoon feud rumors

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Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon teamed up for one of the most celebrated TV shows in recent memory, HBO’s Big Little Lies. The tabloids pounced with false stories about the co-stars feuding in the wake of the success of the series. None of those reports were true. Here are five times Gossip Cop busted such rumors.

In September 2018, Life & Style falsely claimed Kidman and Witherspoon got into a fight backstage at Keith Urban’s concert. The magazine claimed the actresses had words after appearing on stage together at the show in Nashville. According to an “insider,” the argument was over a “negative” text message about Kidman that Witherspoon received from one of their other Big Little Lies co-stars, who wasn’t named. The story was completely false. Gossip Cop busted it, and our reporting was backed up by numerous photos from the concert that Witherspoon shared on social media.

New Idea ran its own made-up report in February 2019 alleging Kidman and Witherspoon had a “showdown” at a press conference while promoting Season 2 of Big Little Lies. The magazine claimed Witherspoon was “shocked” when Kidman announced there was “no plan” for a third season of the hit show. It was hardly a shock to anyone, as there were never plans for a third season and Witherspoon, as a producer on the show, certainly knew that. Additionally, this supposedly happened at a press event, but no other outlet reported on this so-called “showdown,” because it never happened. Gossip Cop called out the tabloid at the time.

Last May, Life & Style was back at, claiming Kidman and Witherspoon were feuding “again.” Of course, they were never feuding in the first place, but this time, the outlet claimed it was jealously on Witherspoon’s part combined with Kidman allegedly “rubbing her success in Reese’s face.” The story was completely bogus and Gossip Cop once again corrected the narrative.

Also in May, Woman’s Day claimed Kidman and Witherspoon were at odds over their new TV shows. The article contended that their new shows, Kidman’s Nine Perfect Strangers and Witherspoon’s The Morning Show, would be in “direct competition” with each other, putting a major strain on the actresses’ relationship. The story was ridiculous for a number of reasons, most notably that Witherspoon’s show had wrapped shooting and Kidman’s had not even started. The two shows will not be directly competing in any way. Gossip Cop pointed this fact out when we shot down the phony report.

Finally, Star ran a bogus item in May alleging Kidman and Witherspoon were competing for awards and the spotlight as Big Little Lies wrapped up its second season. The story purported that the two had a “nasty competitive rivalry” and Witherspoon was “bitter” over the attention Kidman had received during the show’s run. It was yet another tall tale that had no basis in reality. Gossip Cop corrected the report, just like the others, and we will continue to stay on the story should the tabloids reignite this false narrative.


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