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Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon were never in a "feud," despite an untrue claim first made a year ago in one of the tabloids. As Gossip Cop noted then, and it remains true to this day, the two "Big Little Lies" co-stars are actually very close. Now 12 months later, after all of their joint appearances on top of re-teaming for a second season of the HBO hit series, it should be abundantly clear the assertion was entirely false.

Exactly 365 ago, Star published a fictitious tale about how Witherspoon and Kidman were feuding. In the inaccurate article, it was alleged that Witherspoon was annoyed Kidman was more focused on promoting her film, Lion, rather than touting "Big Little Lies." The magazine even maintained that it had a "source" who said, "Reese is furious that Nicole hasn't done more to support 'Big Little Lies,'" adding that supposedly all she "talked about in interviews is Lion." The seemingly fake insider further asserted that had Witherspoon been told that Kidman was going to put their show "so far on the back burner, she would have cast some random unknown to play Celeste."

Of course, as we noted back then, Kidman and Witherspoon are both executive producers of "Big Little Lies." Not only couldn't Witherspoon have blocked Kidman from being a cast member, but they also shared a big stake in the program's success. Additionally, the two Oscar-winning actress frequently appeared in joint interviews around that time to promote "Big Little Lies."

When the tabloid's tale was first published, a rep for Witherspoon told Gossip Cop it was "completely made up." And time has proven that to be the case. Far from feuding, the two women enjoy working with each other so much, that in December Kidman and Witherspoon signed on for a season two of "Big Little Lies." When it was announced the program was returning to HBO, Kidman said she was "grateful" to be able to work on "this series with my friends."

Also, shortly before the limited series' return was announced, Witherspoon honored Kidman at the 2017 Gotham Independent Film Awards in New York with the Actress Tribute Award. During her introduction, she gushed about how "lucky" she was to work with the Australian actress. For her part, Kidman in her acceptance speech said of Witherspoon, "To know you is to love you." That hardly sounds like a "feud."

Sadly, in the intervening months after the original story about Witherspoon and Kidman being in a feud, there were several untrue accounts about the women being "fake friends" and "frenemies." But the truth is, one year later, there's no doubt all those reports were big lies.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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