Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban Practice Red Carpet Walk At Home?

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Nicole Kidman Red Carpet

By Shari Weiss |

Nicole Kidman Red Carpet

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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban practice their red carpet walk at home? A tabloid report claims the couple is faking their affection at events to hide marital problems. Gossip Cop looked into the bizarre allegation.

“Keith & Nicole’s Public Displays Of Aggravation,” reads a headline in Star. According to the outlet, the stars caused a “commotion” at the Australian premiere of Lion last month. It’s alleged an argument broke out between the two over their careers, and Kidman “finally lost her composure after it was clear the evening wasn’t going as planned — er, rehearsed.”

A so-called “source” claims, “Nicole had them practice their red carpet walk at home. Nicole always pushes for a lot of PDA, but Keith isn’t a fan.” The magazine even contends Kidman “records the orchestrated strolls to ensure they come off as authentic.”

The publication asserts the couple “tore into each other at the CMA Awards too” last year, and are also struggling with Kidman’s supposed jealousy over Urban’s female fans. But considering Star is the same tabloid that wrongly said Kidman and Urban were getting a “$175 million divorce” in 2014, it’s hard to buy what the magazine is trying to sell here.

Kidman joined Urban on stage at his New Year’s Eve concert and he accompanied her to last week’s Golden Globes because they genuinely enjoy each other’s company, not because they’re trying to put on a show for the public. And it’s telling that, aside from Star, not one reputable outlet has reported anything about a “commotion” at the December Lion premiere. If anyone’s faking anything here, it’s the magazine.

After all, the publication previously said Kidman and Urban were “over” last October. This new piece is just the outlet’s poor attempt at damage control, a cover-up explanation for why they’re obviously still together. It’s pretty pathetic.

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