Nicole Kidman A “Few Weeks Pregnant” With Keith Urban Baby?

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Nicole Kidman Pregnant Keith Urban Baby

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Nicole Kidman Pregnant Keith Urban Baby

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Is Nicole Kidman just a “few weeks pregnant” with her and Keith Urban’s third child. That’s the premise of a new magazine cover story. But Gossip Cop is exclusively told the baby claim is “not true.”

According to Star, Kidman and Urban’s marriage was on “shaky” ground, but then she found out she’s “a few weeks pregnant.” The tabloid further maintains it only took “one round of IVF” for the actress to conceive. And to lend credence to its report, the outlet quotes a so-called “insider” as saying, “Getting pregnant at Nicole’s age [52] without any help wouldn’t exactly be a cinch… But fortunately, she didn’t have to go through months and months of IVF to make it happen.” “It’s truly a miracle,” adds the anonymous tipster.

The publication then rehashes the false narrative about how the country singer and the Oscar-winner were “on the verge of divorce,” but now they’re going to “scale back on work so they can reconnect as they eagerly await the baby’s arrival.” “Keith has promised to spend every free minute he has with Nicole, and she’s vowed to be present and attentive when they’re together,” shares the unnamed “source.”

The outlet goes on to assert Kidman and Urban are “planning to take off work when the baby arrives around Christmas.” And its almost assuredly phony “source” notes how Urban has been a doting husband, even getting his allegedly pregnant wife water and “an extra pillow for her feet.” Wait, is the “source” for this article the same person who’s fed the tabloid other made-up pregnancy stories?

On October 31, 2018, Gossip Cop busted Star  when it similarly insisted Gwen Stefani was pregnant and having a “miracle” baby, thanks to IVF. In that fictional report, the often discredited tabloid quoted yet another untraceable “source” as saying Blake Shelton would get his supposedly pregnant girlfriend “an extra pillow for her feet” as well. A skeptic might think the publication and its writers are simply recycling manufactured storylines and word-for-word fake quotes.

Much like that fabricated and provably wrong article, the latest tale about Kidman being a “few weeks pregnant” with her and Urban’s third child is also a total lie. Unlike the magazine, which seemingly tries to push its bogus claims through unidentifiable sources, Gossip Cop was openly and transparently told by Kidman’s rep that the outlet’s cover story is 100 percent “not true.” She and Urban were never about to split, nor are they adding to their family via IVF or otherwise.

It seems the magazine churns out so many falsehoods that it forgot how earlier this year it similarly contended Kidman and Urban were having a “miracle” baby, with the help of IVF. The premise was unfounded then and still is. Actually, Kidman herself has been saying for years that she’s “past that point” of wanting or having more kids.

And, as mentioned above, the magazine has a history of publishing inaccurate reports about Kidman and Urban getting divorced or being “on the verge” of it. Two years ago, Gossip Cop debunked the same tabloid when it splashed on its cover that Kidman and Urban were getting a $300 million divorce. Maybe it’s time for that outlet to separate from its sources who know little to nothing about Urban and Kidman.


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