Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery Rumors

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Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery Rumors

By Andrew Shuster |

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery Rumors

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False stories about Nicole Kidman getting plastic surgery frequently pop up in the tabloids. Gossip Cop has debunked many bogus reports on the subject. Here are a few wrong rumors.

Last October, Gossip Cop busted NW for falsely claiming Kidman was “binging” on Botox and fillers. According to the outlet, the actress was getting constant cosmetic procedures in an effort to keep a youthful appearance. The speculative report was based on the opinion of a plastic surgeon who’s never treated the actress. The doctor gave a viewpoint based on photos of the actress alone. A rep qualified to speak on Kidman’s behalf, however, assured us the story was untrue. Additionally, Kidman told the Italian newspaper La Repubblica in 2013 that she tried Botox, but regretted doing so. She called the decision to get injections an “unfortunate move,” and added, “I got out of it and now I can finally move my face again.”

In 2017, Gossip Cop called out the National Enquirer for wrongly reporting that Kidman got a “ $1 million makeover” consisting of extensive plastic surgery. The unreliable magazine maintained that the actress underwent expensive procedures on her teeth, nose, eyes, breasts and lips, and had even spent $50,000 on hair extensions. In the Italian interview referenced above, the actress made a point of noting, “No surgery for me,” despite trying noninvasive procedures like Botox. The idea that she spent $1 million on extreme nips and tucks was simply untrue.

Earlier in 2017, Gossip Cop debunked a RadarOnline story claiming Kidman was fighting with husband Keith Urban over her supposed addiction to facial fillers. The tabloid contended that the country star was trying to convince his wife that the procedure is unnatural, but she refused to stop. The report came from the same blog that frequently alleges the happy spouses are getting a divorce, so we were understandably skeptical of its accuracy. Our doubts were confirmed after checking in with Kidman’s spokesperson, who dismissed the article as nonsense.

And Gossip Cop would like to give an honorable mention to an Enquirer story about Kidman supposedly urging Urban to get plastic surgery. The outlet contended that the actress wanted her husband to try Botox and fillers with her, but he “insisted they grow old naturally.” However, in addition to Kidman’s 2013 interview in which she spoke out against Botox, the actress shared a similar sentiment in 2011. “I didn’t like how my face looked afterwards,” Kidman admitted. “Now I don’t use it anymore – I can move my forehead again!” The actress never pressured her husband into getting a procedure she’s not a fan of herself.


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